Internet Home Based Business

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Internet Home Based Business

Starting an internet based home business is not easy, in fact it can be very time consuming and very
expensive. Finding an idea that you like can take hours of research, and sometimes can drain your
bank account in the process of chasing after your dreams. Another thing to consider is that you don't
always want to take the easy road, especially when it comes to starting a business. Most of first
opportunities that people get sucked into end up being the get rich quick schemes that they were
trying to avoid in the first place.
This article will give you a basic look at what legitimate opportunities are out there for starting an
internet home based business. It will also try to inspire you and get those creativity wheels turning in
your head in order to find an idea for your internet business that you will love doing every day. I will
also help you to navigate some of the predatory scams that are out there right now as to avoid the
heartache and financial loss.
The first obstacle that people face in starting any business is coming up with an idea that they feel will
work for them. There is a great article about this very topic at, Internet Based Home Business Ideas,
that you can check out. The place that I would start is brainstorming about what you would love to do.
For most people it is better to just start out brainstorming about what they know. The look at ideas
that are based on the field they are currently working in and try to develop the business idea for the
Internet. So get out a pen and paper and start listing things that you love to do, and try to determine if
the format could be changed to accommodate an Internet business. There are ample opportunities
out there for anyone. Some of the more successful online businesses involve freelancing.
One thing you can do, if you don't have a budget, or maybe you have a low budget, to start
generating some income working from home is to start freelancing. Freelancing gives you the ability
to outsource your skills to companies all over the world. I made my first $500 online by freelancing on
a site called There is another similar website called Odesk that also allows you to
freelance. These sites have real companies all over the world that are looking for service providers to
fulfill temporary, and some times long term needs. The companies list the project that they need
assistance with, and you as a provider will bid on that project just like a sub-contractor bids on
building projects. Both Elance and Odesk are absolutely free to sign up. They give you a limited
number of bids per month that are included with their free membership. If you would like to bid on
more projects, you can buy more bids. I made my first $500 off of Elance without ever spending a
This is an idea for working from home that has very little startup costs and would be very simple to
obtain jobs and projects for companies. The initial costs would include setting up your website, buying
your domain name, getting hosting for your site. Then the majority of your time would be spent
marketing your business to companies in order to complete research. There are opportunities out
there to do all kinds of research projects for companies that would rather outsource to another
company than to pay someone a full time salary to do the work. An example is a company out of
Boston hired me to research their national competition before deciding to go national. They pretty

much had Boston cleaned up, but didn't have a clue as to their competition outside their immediate
area. This project took several months, and was completely conducted from my home, on the
internet, andover the phone.
If I were to tell you, that you could wake up every day, and be an assistant to an executive from New
York City, all from your home through the phone and Internet what would you say? How about an
executive from Hong Kong? How about a mother of 4 from Nebraska that doesn't have time to
sneeze? A virtual assistant is just that, an individual that assists someone in need from a distance.
Most of the time the interview and the entire job is handled through e-mail and over the phone. Some
of the tasks a virtual assistant does is managing a calendar and scheduling meetings, answering e-
mails, answering the phone (through the brilliance of call forwarding), managing employees.
Sometimes you can elect to be a local virtual assistant and run errands for people, do research for
projects. There are endless opportunities if you are creative enough. People also use the virtual
assistant field to work their way into places they might not ever get an interview or job. It really can
open doors for you to work in all kinds of different industries.
There are some easy traps set out there in cyberspace that people get caught up in every day. Here
are some examples:
ASSEMBLY FROM HOME - This involves getting paid for assembling toys, dolls, or other craft
projects at home. Normally you will be paid per piece that you complete. Their scam is that they try to
convince you that you are an "employee" of their company, you just are working at home. These
companies will charge you a fee for their "starter" kit (this is how they make their money), and when
you complete your assembly of their products, mysteriously they "don't meet company specifications."
MEDICAL BILLING - Similar to the assembly from home jobs, these companies sell you a starter set
of all the "equipment" you need to get started. The initial investment required is usually upwards of
$500-$1000 just to get started. Most medical clinics and physicians process their own bills anyway.
So basically you get stuck with an out of date "potential client" list and out of date software that won't
meet the specifications of medical offices who do their own billing anyway. Good luck trying to get a
EMAIL PROCESSING - Do you remember an old con called "envelope stuffing"? Like the others, for
a low fee, $50 or more, you can start processing e-mails for companies and get paid for it. You can
do this from the comfort of your own home. Sounds great doesn't it? What you end up is training on
how to spam the same information you responded to, and send it to blogs and message boards.
Over the long run is the name of the game. Too often I encounter people who just want to get rich
quick and are not looking for a home internet based business opportunity, and are not willing to put in
the work required to get a business up and running. But, if you are willing to plant the seeds, water
them, and watch them grow, then you can be successful. If things are getting too heavy, consider
taking on a partner to help shoulder some of the load. There are legitimate opportunities out there for
anyone who is willing to be dedicated and hard working. So come up with your idea, buy your domain
name, get your website hosted and set up and start marketing. And then market some more. After the
initial set up you will spend 90% of your time marketing and 10% working for the clients you do get.

Don't get caught up thinking that you must have some sort of product, or re-invent the wheel. If you
focus on helping others, and providing a service, then most often you will find success.
For a more in-depth look at starting your own internet based home business, or coming up with an
internet home based business idea, please visit Internet Based Home Business Guide.
This is a short video to show as an example of how a family with7 kids found a way to start an
internet business and create an additional stream of income for your family. This video should be
viewed as a reminder to keep your eyes open for opportunities and if you work hard, you can be
successful on the internet.

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