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Company LOGO
vMeimeifu Mattress Factory provides an unique one-stop solution for mattress
and furniture manufacturers,mattress and furniture distributors,mattress
and furniture agents,mattress and furniture importers,etc.
vUnlike other suppliers of finished mattresses or mattress components who
tend to specialize in just one product, at Meimeifu Mattress Factory, we
supply foamsponge foam,pu foam,latex foam,memory foam,rebonded
foam,etc.,mattress springs (Bonnell Spring,Pocket Spring,Continuous
Spring) and mattress covers(Wool,Bamboo,Cotton) and mattress
fabrics,Mattress Felt,etc. and are also very experienced in producing finished
mattress,we are both vertically and horizontally integrated.
vMeimeifu Mattress Factory is a global company with production and
warehouse facilities in Northern China(Mainland).