Investor Lead Connection

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Investor Lead Connection
Investor Lead Connection is a company that specializes in acquiring genuinely active accredited investors
with funds. The company only targets active investors who are currently in search of economic
opportunities. In order to provide fronts and active clients, Investor Lead Connection has long
established relationships with their source. Thus, Investor Lead Connection can provide the best-
accredited investor leads.
The accredited investor leads are very crucial and necessary for every company who is in need of an
investor. Such leads are vital resources that can prevent sales team from wasting time calling dead
leads. Investor Lead Connection has the best replacement policy as a form of warranty from the leads
package. If there any issues with the leads, one can simply inform Investor Leads Connection and they
will be eligible to receive 3 replacements for 1. This is the best offers offered by Investor Lead
Connection towards its customers.
Providing the best service is the goal of Investor Lead Connection. To reach their goal, Investor Lead
Connection will work fast and smart. All orders are processed on the very same day and delivery of leads
will be sent via email within 30 minutes of payment. Investor Lead Connection is very appreciative
towards their customer’s time, because, in the world of business, time is just as valuable as profit.
Investor Lead Connection offers a number of packages of leads. There is the starter pack, standard
order, and master order. Each of these leads packages is attuned to the customer’s various needs. The
price will vary depending on what package customers have chosen. Investor Lead Connection also offers
discounts on larger sized orders and custom list. Investor Lead Connection has several methods of
payment that are readily available to make all transactions much easier. Investor Lead Connection is
able to receive payment by Credit Card, PayPal, Check, Cash Deposit, or Bank Wire.
Every business must keep in touch with their customers for the betterment of their services. Investor
Lead Connection welcomes any inquiries from the customer. Just fill out the form or email or call them
and Investor Lead Connection will address the inquiries as fast as they can.
Investor Lead Connection presents accredited investor lists in Excel Format, those investors are dialer
ready. This is to make all customers easier to make a deal with their investors. Besides investor leads,
Investor Lead Connection also provides consumer leadsthere are 50+ million US consumer lists
available. The customers can request their consumer leads to be adjusted and finetuned to suit their
needs. For example, consumer list sorted by state, consumer list sorted by city, consumer list sorted by
zip code, consumer list sorted by age, consumer list sorted by gender, and other criteria. This is because
Investor Leads Connection understands that every business has its own market.
Same as investor leads, the consumer list is also guaranteed by Investor Lead Connection. Either
investor leads or consumer leads, both will be updated monthly by Investor Lead Connection. Along with
competitive price for the service, Investor Lead Connection is ready to help every customer gain their