iPad-At Developer’s Perspective

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iPad-At Developer's Perspective
iPad is a sleek device, eye candy design and innovative features and functionality are major attraction to
buy this product. At developers point of view it is somewhat different than at the customer's point of
view. Here I have described it as a developer's perspective.
Different than iPhone
iPad is different than iPhone. Very first thing is that it is not a portable device as iPhone is. You can't put
iPad in your back pocket and you can't use it when you are in a queue while you are standing at airport.
You cannot put it in your pocket after using two minutes apps. It gives you mobility but at very limited
extent. It is a new home computer that you can share with your family or friends to surf the web
consume media or look up information. You can interact with the show in real time while watching a
Another thing is that iPhone has small screen that means it is very personal to see the screen whilst in
case of iPad you can share its large screen with others. This property is highly useful in case of a class
room in an educational institute. Teachers can share their ideas with their pupils with an interactive
ways. iPad allows this interactions more natural ways. Another benefit of iPad is that iBook feature of
iPad that makes it friendlier amongst the educational circles. You can read a book on iPhone with a
comfort while in case of iPhone that is not there.
App development
When you design an app for iPhone then you consider user scenario and UI design which is quite
different in case of iPad so it is better you design iPad apps differently and separately than iPhone so
iPad has unique apps in long run.
Moreover, iPad has quite different hardware than iPhone. Besides screen resolutions it has powerful
processor and that can be an advantage in the iPad development. Peerbits has good team of iPad
developers who can put your iPad development at new magnitude just contact us we will revert with
robust solutions for you!