iPhone 4 Review - Key Hardware and Software Changes

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iPhone 4 Review - Key Hardware &
Software Changes

The nw apple iPhone 4, coming ut June 24th n T-mobile, Vodafone,
Three, Orange nd O2 n th United Kingdom gttng mobile phone
bloggers nd gadget fans ll excited. Th handset bound t b n f
th mt popular smart phones n th market fr 2010 nd uld b th
bt selling Apple product f ll
time.The iPhone 4 h 3.5
inch display screen wth
resolution 960A--640 pixels.
Th tull 4 times mn
pixels t iPhones. At vr
100,000 pixels r sq inch, th
th highest resolution f n
mobile phone n th market t
th moment n time.

The design nd style f th phone ut cool th list f features
tht t wll b offering. Th iPhone 4 mk u f flat surfaces nd h
stainless steel band gng rund th edge f th phone. Th helps t
mk th iPhone 4 real designer lkng gadget wth real appeal.

Th iPhone 4 measure ut 9.3mm nd wll b vlbl n 16GB r 32GB,
wth colour choice f black r white. S th m previous model
really. Video calling nw enabled fr u nd users n switch
btwn th front facing self-portrait digital camera nd bk facing
scenic digital camera fr whn u wnt t mk video calls t friends,
family r workmates.

The iOS4 operating system, wll b bl t deliver true multitasking fr
th iPhone. Applications n b moved nt separate folders n u
mobile phone nd voice activated commands wll offer bttr w t
control u handset. A unified inbox, wll b bl t record nd store ll
f ur incoming messages n n place. Whlt th Safari Web browser
lt u g nwhr n th web u wuld vr wnt t g to.

The 5 megapixel camera promises excellent pictures nd includes LED
flash, geo-tagging nd touch-to-focus. Whlt th HD video recorder
captures 720p video t rund 30 frames r second. Th LED flash
muh wlm addition nd wll llw u t tk bttr quality pictures
n poor lighting conditions. An f u movie fans ut there, n nt nl
create thr wn movies, but additionally edit thm nd add transitional
effects wth th iMovie application nd software bundle.

T b honest, thr r tll mobile phones wth bttr cameras, lk th
Nokia N8. However, th tll vast improvement n wht w offered
b Apple n older models.You wll l hv m thr top nw features,
lk 3D movement controlled gaming (great f u r video game fan),
iBooks, lk n th iPad nd latest music nd video downloads frm
iTunes n l b enjoyed n improved format. Th n l b
easily transferred vr form ur current iPod player. Th good news
hr tht enjoying th features t th fullest doesn't u th
battery n issues. Th bu th performance h bn increased
b 40%, whn compared wth earlier versions f th iPhone.

Great news, bu th older battery w nt tht great nd drained
ftr l thn n day's usage. Whn time m t step w frm th
virtual world rvdd b th iphone 4, A-GPS, maps nd digital
compass guarantees th iPhone wll b valuable t u whn u r
n th move.In total, Apple hv md mr thn 100 hng t th
nw iPhone compared t th ld 3GS model. Whlt mn hv bn
minor changes, th major hng uld b nugh t convince existing
customer t upgrade nd wll dfntl entice nw customers vr t
th Apple product. More iPhone 4 Reviews at