Iphone Accessories You Must Have

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Iphone Accessories You Must Have

Apple's iPhone 5 comes with plenty of features and it is capable of doing many stuffs. But, with the
right accessories, you will get more out of your gadget. There are many top iPhone 5 accessories
available in the marketplace. These accessories will enhance your iPhone 5 experience as well as
protect and give a new look to your phone.
Right here are a few best iPhone 5 accessories:
1. The Lightning Dock for iPhone 5
The Lightning Dock is a easy iPhone 5 standalone charging dock. It comes in hardwood, aluminum
and aluminum black model. You can also purchase an extra Lightning Connector and back support
for which your have to spend few more dollars.

2. Jawbone Jambox
Jawbone Jambox is a transportable wireless speaker for your iPhone. In the event you listen to a lot
of music, then this is actually the accessory you must think about for your phone. Available in variety
of styles and colors, this accessory is really compact, easy to use, and also the quality of sound in
fairly impressive. It costs about $200.

3. Spigen Stylus Pen Kuel H14 Series
A stylus pen is not only for tablets. It can even be used with your iPhone 5. This pen is fairly tough
and comfortable to hold which comes in variety of colours. The tip of the pen can be changed.

4. iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount
This accessory can be fitted to your dashboard or windshield with the super sticky suction cup. You
can lock up and release your iPhone 5 using the push of a finger. This accessory is extremely tough,
perfectly easy and superbly designed. The price of this accessory is about $25.

5. Amphibix GO Waterproof Case
This accessory allows you to take your iPhone with you to go underwater. This waterproof situation
keeps your phone dry and secure in wettest conditions. It is 100% waterproof and costs $50.
These are only a few of the many iPhone 5 accessories. It's no doubt that iPhone 5 is the greatest
iPhone ever. There are many accessories from Apple as well as other producers available which can
make it even more indispensable. These accessories safeguard the phone as well as keep it looking