Is IB Diploma Worth it?

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Is IB Diploma Worth?
by Ankit Singh | On March,13,2018 | 0 comments | 26 Views
Is a full IB Diploma worth it?
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International Baccalaureate (IB) is an application based program that is accepted worldwide by the
colleges and universities. You will always get mixed reviews for this question as some students follow it
like anything and some get disgruntled due to huge load of work. But when you aim for a holistic
development and a focussed academic career then IB Diploma is worth it.
The program not only provides you a rigorous content but also helps you to learn, think and analyse in
the way a college student would do. IBDP is well known throughout the world for offering high quality
education and most of the colleges also appreciate your effort you have put in obtaining IB diploma.
There are numerous reasons for IB being a worthy education program.
Accepted worldwide by most of the educational institutions.
Lets you become more systematic and organized.
Enhances your writing skills as it requires a lot of written assignments, experiments and research
Follows a method-based approach that will help you to solve your real-life problems.
Lets you perform community services and take actions that will help you to realize the impact of your
action and groom you as a better person.
Lets you analyze even a small information therby enhancing your analytical and logical skills.
Helps you to learn foreign languages which is useful to take admission in foreign universities.
Sometimes IB courses can be used by your college to determine credit and placement.
IB gives you a basic understanding and prepares you for university level studies and helps you to
organize and manage your time for both professional and personal life. Moreover, if you aim to get
admission in foreign university then IB is the best course for you.
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