Is it Time for a Sod Replacement ?

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Is it Time for a Sod Replacement?

With proper care and attention, your sod can last for up to 12 years, but in the Florida climate it
may be a difficult task to make sure your lawn is at top notch all year round. The good news is,
in Florida, you can install sod at virtually any time of year. In the summer months, it is extra
rainy and extra sunny. At this time, your lawn is more prone to disease and pests. It's essential
that you keep up with your sod's health in order to combat these things and keep your lawn
looking healthy. If you have a Bahia lawn, you do not need to worry quite as much about these
things as if you had a St. Augustine or Zoysia lawn.

If your lawn is dried up or you are experiencing pest and disease problems, it may be time for a
sod replacement. If you are apt to go the DIY route, here are some pointers to get you started.
If done and cared for properly, sod may save you time and money in the future!

Clear the Area

Before you lay down any side, make sure you clear the area of any old sod, dead grass, or
weeds. The new sod needs ample space and soil to take root, and the weeds and dead grass
will only get in the way. The best way to remove this dead grass is by hand or using an edging
shovel, as herbicides will make it harder for your sod replacement to take root. It is also best to
place the soil as soon as you get it, so as not to dry it out in the Florida heat.

Create the Right Environment

Before laying down your sod replacement, spread the area with compost to provide your new
sod with plenty of nutrients. You should also take care to water your lawn thoroughly 3 days
before laying down replacement sod. Your yard should be moist, but not overly saturated.
When it is time to lay the replacement sod, make sure to lay them in a staggered, brick-like
fashion. This ensures that your replacement sod with bond properly to the soil.

After all sod has been laid, go over it with a lawn roller to close any gaps, flatten the surface,
and ensure a strong hold. You should water your sod replacement twice a day for about 30
minutes until it reaches one inch. Avoid mowing your lawn until it reaches 3 1/2 inches high.

Trust the Experts

Regular sod replacement should take place every 10 - 12 years, with proper lawn care. For
many, the DIY route is daunting and it may be easiest and ultimately more cost effective to hire
a professional (you will spend just as much on the pricey chemicals of a DIY route as you would
on a professional service). We can help you out! At Earthwise Horticultural Services, we pride
ourselves on the work we do for your lawn -- whether it is St. Augustine, Zoysia, or Bahia grass.
We will do the job right the very first time to ensure a longer lasting lawn for you. We are the

experts! After we lay your replacement sod, we will also take the time to provide you with a
maintenance guide in order to keep your lawn looking fresh and alive. If it's time for a sod
replacement, contact the best! We want to bring your lawn back to life.

If you need to replace sod, I can provide a quick & free estimate along with a plan that will
ensure success. For more information visit We specialize in
residential landscape design in Orlando, installation, and improvements. We also offer
supplemental services such as landscape clean up, trimming, weed control, irrigation repair,
mulching, speciality fertilization, and sod replacement.