iSpring Water Systems Extends Ro Purification Donation Program for 2011 to help Charity2

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iSpring Water Systems Extends Ro Purification Donation Program for 2011 to help Charity
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Alpharetta, GA (PRWEB) January 20, 2011
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iSpring Water Systems is excited to announce that they may continue providing FREE purification
systems to individuals who are in need of pure drinking water for that first 1 / 2 of 2011. From now 'till
the end of June, disadvantaged individuals and families that are experiencing both financial and medical
hardships can put with the website for an opportunity to obtain a free reverse osmosis
water purification system.
In accordance with recent news reports, regular faucet water from 31 of 35 U.S. cities have tested
positive for hexavalent chromium, or chromium-6, based on laboratory tests. Hexavalent chromium is
often a carcinogen and unfortunately, it's just one of the numerous contaminants that are seen in
normal water which could cause cancer and damage peoples health. For those who are actually sick
and undergoing treatment, even 'abnormal' amounts of poisons within their water could have a
negative impact on their recovery. Unfortunately, lots of people don't have the financial ways to get a
quality reverse osmosis system to filter out contaminants like chromium, arsenic and fluoride that are
not removed by basic faucet water filters.
iSprings 123filter program will donate several new purification systems on a monthly basis to qualified
applicants to the first half of 2011. Besides ro, other systems available include entire home carbon filters,
countertop filters, iron removal systems, and UV water purifiers. We are excited to keep to supply this
program as well as thank earlier times applicants that have managed to get truly meaningful and
worthwhile. said Ed Shih, marketing manager at iSpring. We feel that purified normal water is prime
to folks health, and even sincerely and humbly welcome all applicants that are interested to make use of
The 123filter program is ready to accept all residences from the 48 contiguous states. Detailed
information, eligibility requirements and application forms are around to the public from the website at