Issue 8 - Contrails or Chemtrails?

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“Streaks of condensed water vapour created in the air by jet airplanes at high alti-
“Streamer of cloud sometimes observed behind an airplane flying in clear, cold,
humid air.”
(Encyclopaedia Britannica)
“An artificial cloud created by an aircraft; caused either by condensation due to the
reduction in air pressure above the wing surface or by water vapour in the engine
How They Are Formed
Contrails are usually formed in the higher colder altitudes. Existing in two forms - wa-
ter and ice – air temperature and moisture content are the main driving forces behind
contrails. A water droplet contrail comes about when an aircraft travels through cold
and supersaturated moist air. The warm water vapour generated by the engine is con-
densed into droplets. Because of the colder temperatures, the droplets freeze making
ice crystals.
Contrails disappear in a few seconds to a minute. However, observers have now no-
ticed “mystery” trails forming a haze and lasting several hours and as a result, the sun
appears to be dimming. In fact, NASA has publicly announced that the earth is 20%
darker than it was 30 years ago. Moreover, the “mystery” trails were forming well be-
low the 30,000 feet level, which is the level WWII bombers flew at and when people
started noticing them.
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ing the atmosphere with stratospheric dust what are otherwise the results of deliber-
or soot and simulating clouds in order to
ate actions appear to be the consequences
slow down global warming.
of natural weather phenomena”.
h t t p : / / w w w . g o o g l e . c o m /
What’s more, the study recommended the ltiplier%3A+Owning+the+Weather+
deliberate dumping of iron into the ocean in+2025%22
in order to stimulate plankton, which in
turn would eat carbon dioxide. It is now
evident that these are not just theories but ay?docid=8004881114646406827
ideas in practice. The idea of iron dump-
ing proved to be unsuccessful when a
large number of fish died. This begs the
question, what are the adverse affects of
atmospheric spraying?
Laboratory studies of chemtrails have con-
l=aHR0cDovL3d3dy53aG9pLmVkdS9 firmed the presence of aluminium, Barium,
wYWdlLmRvP3BpZD0xMjQ1NyZ0a- bacteria, virus and human blood to name
WQ9MjgyJmNpZD0zNTgyNiZwcmlud but a few. The American Lung Association
has stated that asthma is on the rise among
all people in the United States where a lot
of the spraying occurs and is the leading
com/80beats/2009/03/24/iron-dumping- chronic illness among children.
The media refuses to call chemtrails what
they are, i.e. streaks of chemicals being
Further studies of chemtrails have revealed
sprayed into the air we breathe. Instead,
deadly and toxic pathogens such as Myc-
spraying of 1 million tonnes of materials
they opt for better sounding terms such as oplasma fermentans (incognitus strain).
For several years, researchers and investi- into the atmosphere in order to reflect 1%
“aerial obscuration, persistent contrails, Mycoplasma is considered a highly toxic
gators have tried to establish exactly what of sunlight. He argued that it would be
or sky soot.”
biohazard substance. Dr Garth Nicholson
these “mystery” trails are. They have
cheaper to slow down the process of glo-
found Incognitus in about 45% of the vet-
been shunned and labelled as paranoid
bal warming via "stratospheric deploy-
In the Air Force study “Owning the Weath- erans who suffered from Gulf War Illness.
conspiracy theorists. However, it is now
ment of oxide particulates" rather than
er in 2025”, it was stated that being able h t t p : / / w w w . k o s m o s l t d .
in mainstream government textbooks that by reducing greenhouse gases.
to manipulate the weather would provide net/0chemheadarch.htm
they are spraying the skies. Several major
major advantages against the enemy. The
governmental studies have talked about
spraying of chemicals in the sky would
spraying aluminum oxide particles into
cause problems for their radar and tele-
the atmosphere. Edward Teller, the father The idea of blocking sunlight was also
communication equipment. The study add- Continued public pressure has forced some
of the H-Bomb advocated this concept in discussed in a major congressional study
ed, “one major advantage of using simu- media outlets to mention the spraying,
1997 in a report called “Global Warming entitled “Policy Implications of Green-
lated weather to achieve a desired effect however, not too much so as to stir public
& Ice Ages” in which he suggested the
house Warming”. It too talks about spray-
is that unlike other approaches, it makes outrage.

In the UK, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) results of the Army follow-up study as-
this information, but question why it has that we have on our hands chemical trails
turned the country into an experiment. Re- sessing acute exposure of zinc cadmium
taken so long. It is unacceptable that the (Chemtrails) comprised by fine dust con-
leased government reports highlight the sulfide to rats, in which an acute inflam-
public were treated as guinea pigs with- taining polymers and metals, used to dis-
countries secret biological weapons trial matory response was found.
out their knowledge, and I want to be sure rupt radar signals." German green Party
between 1940 and 1979. The report details (Bergmann et al 2000))
that the Ministry of Defence's claims that representative Johannes Remmel declared,
over 100 secret experiments involving the
these chemicals and bacteria used were "The government must provide explana-
release of chemicals and microorganisms Chronic Effects
safe is true.”
tions to the unsuspecting population." It
on the general populace. The report also Long-term exposure to cadmium, even at
is becoming increasingly difficult to be-
mentioned that military personnel were low doses, damages kidney tubules and
The MoD report details several germ war- lieve the official party line that the sole
briefed to tell anyone who asked about the results in renal dysfunction (Satoh et al
fare trials including filling five million purpose of the Chemtrails is to disrupt ra-
trials that they were part of research into 2002; Jarup et al 1998)”
cattle cakes with anthrax spores in order dar signals especially after chemtrails have
air pollution and the weather. The aim of
to kill the livestock in Germany. It also become so widespread. Some government
the trials was to assess the countries expo- ter/43/466/ZINC%20CADMIUM%20
speaks of the anthrax trials on Gruinard watchdogs claim depopulation is the goal
sure against potential germ attacks from SULFIDE.pdf
on the Scottish coast which left the island of the spraying of chemicals in the skies.
the Russians.
so badly contaminated, it could not be in- Another theory is that weather control is
‘Large Area Coverage Trial’ details how
habited until the 1980s. The report adds, on the agenda bringing about a new type of
In the chapter ‘The Fluorescent Particle between 1961 and 1968 over a million
“Tacit approval for simulant trials where weapon as governments are able to create
Trials’, the report describes how planes people were exposed to E. coli and bacil-
the public might be exposed was strongly droughts and thus control populations.
were ordered to fly from north-east Eng- lus globigii, which mimics anthrax. The
influenced by defence security considera-
land to Cornwall releasing great amounts DICE trials between 1971 and 1975 saw
tions aimed obviously at restricting public Despite recent investigation carried out by
of zinc cadmium sulphide. Though the US and UK military scientists release into
knowledge. An important corollary to this a news channel, the Obama administration
government argues that cadmium is safe, the air serratia marcescens bacteria with an
was the need to avoid public alarm and has called for geo-engineering in order to
the chemical is recognised as a cause of anthrax stimulant and phenol.
disquiet about the vulnerability of the civ- prevent global warming. The recent an-
lung cancer. Additionally, the Allies dur-
il population to BW [biological warfare] nouncement that the Obama administra-
ing WWII saw cadmium as a chemical David Orman from Bournemouth is de-
tion wants to slow down global warming
manding answers after his wife Janette had
by “shooting pollution particles into the a miscarriage then gave birth to a son with
In 2002, the spokesperson for Porton upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s
cerebral palsy. Her three sisters as well as
Down Sue Ellison was asked whether such rays” has only increased concerns. The in-
a number of her neighbours also gave birth
tests still took place, she replied, “It is not vestigation – carried out last year – found
A study carried out in 2004 entitled to children with birth defects. Incidental-
our policy to discuss ongoing research.” high levels of barium, lead, arsenic, chro-
“Health Effects of Project Shad Chemical ly, Janette and her three sisters were all in
DERA, the MoD agency added, "In the mium, cadmium, selenium and silver. The
Agent: Zinc Cadmium Sulfide” concluded Dorset during the trials which were car-
event of a military question arising which barium levels were “more than six times
the following:
ried out not too far away from their home.
could only be answered by conducting the toxic level set by the Environmental
Mr Orman said, “I am convinced some-
open air trials in areas which may involve Protection Agency.”
“Acute Effects
thing terrible has happened. The village
the general public, Ministers have made
Acute cadmium inhalation affects the was a close-knit community and to have
it clear that they cannot rule out the need Regarding the effects of barium, Director
lungs by causing either chemical pneu- so many birth defects over such a short
to conduct larger scale trials in the future of the Poison Control Center Mark Ryan
monitis or metal fume fever. Large con- space of time has to be more than coinci-
to try to ensure the protection of the UK stated “short term exposure can lead to
centrations can be fatal. (Ando et al 1996) dence.”
from attacks by peoples of states using anything from stomach to chest pains
biological or chemical weapons."
and that long term exposure causes blood
There is typically no acute inflammatory When the government finally released de-
pressure problems.” The Poison Con-
lung response to cadmium sulfide.
tails of the trials, Liberal Democrat MP
trol Center added that long-term exposure
(NRC 1997; Bakshi & Henderson 1998) Norman Baker stated, “I welcome the fact
A news report from Germany concluded would weaken the immune system. The
(This characteristic contrasts with the that the Government has finally released
that "We can state with a 97% certainty investigation concluded, “239 populated

areas were contaminated with biological dealing with clouds and moisture.” He
“Aerosol Crimes”
agents between 1949 and 1969.”
goes on to state that when these materials are exposed to the energy in sunlight they
become electrically charged (ionisation).
“If you can ionise a material and throw
Cliff Carnicom 2008
Clifford Carnicom was previously a re- electrons into a gas, namely the air…you
h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m /
search scientist and federally employed for can create what is called a plasma (what
15 years for three different agencies includ- is found in neon lights) and a plasma
ing the US Department of Defence and the is an electrically conductive gas. If you
Bureau of Land Management. His techni- create an electrically conductive gas…
Once again I will be taking a break from
cal background is extensive in the fields it’s open door towards the transmission
writing articles due to exams. Consequent-
of science, computer science, advance and control and manipulation of energy
ly, the next issue will be uploaded on 1st
mathematics and the physical sciences. in that environment.” In other words, it
He has actively been attempting to bring can be used as an invisible geo-physical
the issue of Chemtrails to the attention of weapon with the advantage of not having
I thank you for your support.
the mass public. Carnicom expressed his to detonate anything.
concern over the scale and arrogance of
this operation to spray the skies with toxic list?p=97BB95902DCACCAE&search_
chemicals. “…we are now in a state of af- query=carnicom+alex+jones
fairs where we have open air testing on
a global scale, direct lying about it from These people have gone insane. They think
top officials…calling this a hoax without they can play God by manipulating the
any real documentation of any scientist weather for their own gain. Even though
to support their claim and the scale and they have now admitted that they have
arrogance and magnitude of the effect is been terraforming the atmosphere since
what’s different and that is important. It 1996, people will still label this as just an-
is not the same as conducting some local- other crazy conspiracy theory. Google "In-
ised test for some defence or project. This direct and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign
is open air operation it is not a test…our (ISDAC)" and you will be presented with a
atmosphere has been changed…you are wealth of information on the subject.
breathing an altered atmosphere…”
h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / Links
On the topic of the materials that can be no%20one%20talks%20about.htm
found in chemtrail samples, Carnicom said,
“Specific ones would be calcium, magne-
sium and barium. My tests have repeat-
edly shown these. Barium is of tremen-
dous concern here because it is a highly
toxic element in soluble form. It’s quite Videos
on par with arsenic in terms of its toxicity ”Geo-engineering and Eugenics”
in soluble form and what I’m speaking of h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m /
would be in soluble form because you’re watch?v=4ceXK0juBHA