IT Infrastructure Outsourcing: Equipped For the Globally Competitive Environment

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IT Infrastructure Outsourcing: Equipped For the Globally Competitive

The aggressively competitive business world today, demands that organizations concentrate more on the
development of core competencies while assigning the support and management functions to experts in
the field. Today the economic scenario is such that for organizations involved in information technology
and software development, the management of IT infrastructure and resources are secondary duties and
can be handled by specialist in the field. As IT moves to become a business enabler rather than the
support system, for non-IT industries these are well-defined boundaries for the third party providers.

IT infrastructure outsourcing, which is a popular service in the technology-enabled world, is all about
subcontracting an organization's information technology systems and its management to a service
provider. Typical y done remotely from the service provider's data center, some organizations prefer it to
be a nearshore or onshore activity, while others go in for offshore outsourcing. Ideally, the service
provider who enters into an agreement for IT outsourcing works with the client organization to provide
them with a customized and scalable solution. This helps the client organization to focus on its core
functions and increase business efficiency.

The turbulent economic condition and the demands for technological growth make it difficult for the
organizations to plan and budget the IT costs and technological innovations for a longer period. The
leading service providers of the IT industry have worked out co-sourcing models to provide the clientele
with a flexible and strategically controlled IT outsourcing engagements. However, organizations tend to
go for IT outsourcing for reasons such as reduced overhead cost, ability to focus on core competencies,
lack of in-house resources, expertise in specific IT skills and access to innovation.

Most often, organizations enter into IT outsourcing agreement with service providers for a customized,
flexible, standardized business aligned IT facilities. In the era when technological enhancement have
made its debut in cloud computing services, organizations that get into IT infrastructure outsourcing use
these for integrated operations and management, cross functional services, information security services,
Cloud Computing and managed security services.

The global IT enterprise leaders with expertise in number of IT related fields and IT infrastructure
management offers services from planning to implementation and optimization across IT Infrastructure
Lifecycle. The IT infrastructure outsourcing service offered will include design and development of the
data center, migration, process design, implementation, day-to-day operations across servers, storage
devices, mainframes, databases, network and security devices, besides a host of installed infrastructure
applications and process.

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