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IT Network Asset Discovery & InventoryDiverse Network Communications, Inc.IT Asset Tracking ProblemData Center Assets are (usually) tracked using spreadsheetsThey don’t track enough detailAre very difficult to keep updatedAt best are about 60 - 75 percent accurateIT Operations staff usually are not provided with: The complete virtual to physical mappingWhat software is installed on each serverInterdependencies between applications or serversConducting an IT Asset Discovery & Inventory is usually:A manual process or mixedVery expensive and time consumingInaccurate by the time its completedCompiled into a spreadsheetCopyright © 2009 Diverse Network Communications Inc.2Motivation for IT Asset Discovery & Inventory Require the information to:Conduct TCO/ROI analysis of the current environmentImplement major infrastructure changesData Center ConsolidationDevelop a Business Continuance/Disaster Recovery plansAs a part of a corporate mergers and acquisitionsA need to understand what:Is really on each LAN segment (100%)The version and quantity of each asset typeThe virtualization translation to physical infrastructure (server, storage, network)What Applications are installed and versionsServer and application interdependenciesRelationship between devices (server to switch to router)Copyright © 2009 Diverse Network Communications Inc.3DNC’s IT Asset Discovery & Inventory ApproachUse Server and Application aware process to extract important dataPerform discoveries using an “agent-less”processAutomate all aspects of the data collectionDoes not perform “Port Scanning”Complete the Discovery, Inventory and Analysis in one weekLeverage the collected data for additional enhanced services:Detailed Systems and Application MappingEnhance the deployment of ITIL based services Copyright © 2009 Diverse Network Communications Inc.4DNC’s Discovery OverviewOne week basic engagement:One day data gatheringFour days for analysis and custom reportsBasic discovery service will scan three LAN segments (765 possible network addresses)Employ server and application aware discovery processRequirements:Access to your network to:Network access to connect the discovery laptopOr, Customer workstation to install the discovery softwareAccess to privileged accountsWill require about one hour from:UNIX system administratorWindows system administratorStorage administratorNetwork administratorSecurity managerCopyright © 2009 Diverse Network Communications Inc.5General Discovery InformationServer DiscoveryStorage ArrayStorage Area Network (SAN)Network Attached StorageNetwork SwitchesNetwork RoutersOther Network DevicesCopyright © 2009 Diverse Network Communications Inc.6Server Discovery InformationHardware (CPUs, Type, Memory, devices, etc)Operating System Type, version, patch level (HP-UX, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Linux, OSF1, Windows)Storage (file system, logical and physical volumes, storage array, and tape devices)Network interfaces (including virtual)Copyright © 2009 Diverse Network Communications Inc.7Installed software and versionsSAN Discovery InformationStorage Area Network Switches configurationBrocade familyCisco MDSStorage Arrays configurations:EMC Symmetrix / DMXEMC CLARiiONIBM ESSHP EVAHitachiSunCopyright © 2009 Diverse Network Communications Inc.8Other Network Devices Discovery InformationNetwork PrintersCisco RoutersCisco SwitchesWireless access pointsCopyright © 2009 Diverse Network Communications Inc.9DeliverablesMicrosoft Access database containing discovery and Inventory dataStandard reports about the assetsThree custom reports Copyright © 2009 Diverse Network Communications Inc.10