It's Common V/S Wealth

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“There may be times when we are
powerless to prevent injustice, but
there must never be a time when we
fail to protest.”

-Elie Wiesel

I dedicate this book to River Yamuna
that flows silently and provide for
water and life
to vast populations along her banks
without complaining about the
exploitation and encroachments
that we do to her.....
I also would like to dedicate this book
to farmers and workers
who are working day and night under
unimaginable conditions
to ensure a better tomorrow
while struggling for survival in this
age of trickle down economics

First of all, I would like to thank Preety, my wife and partner
in all my endeavors, who is always there with me and who is
most precious to me.
I would also like to thank my family including my mother, my
Didi, my sisters and my father who make me what I am.
This book was not possible without constant support of “Youth
for Justice” core members including Hemraj, Vikram and
Devahuti who are backbone of the organization. I also would
like to thank all “Youth for Justice” members, supporters and
fans who believe in the possibility of change and are always
happy to fight for right cause.
I don't have words to thank Sunil Parbhakar who has stayed at
Yamuna Satyagraha site for months and gave me courage and
inspiration to raise the voice in Delhi Assembly along with
I also would like to acknowledge Rajesh Krishnan of
Greenpeace who motivated me to give a time frame to the idea
of this book.
I would also like to thank Diwan Singh, Rajinder Singh, S.A.
Naquvi, Prof. Vikram Soni. Kuldeep Nayyar, Rakesh
Narwar, Abhijit, Ramanad, Vipul, Puneet, Kamakhya, Prof. V.P.
Singh, Kishori, Bhoop Singh, Atrawati, Vinod, Devyani and
all those activist and intellectuals who are torch bearers of
movement and are busy spreading the voices of Justice across.
- Kapil

1. Shera- The Man Eater
2. Why am I writing this?
3. Games in context of Gandhi's Talisman
4. Commonwealth Games- Myths and realities
5. It's Common V/S Wealth
6. Broken Promises Shattered Dreams
7. CWG-2010: Democracy on hold
8. The Delhi Model- Scandalous Development
9. Tell me Why
10. The Struggle so far...We are the Change

Shera, mascot of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010
Delhi, is the most visible face of the XIX Commonwealth
Games 2010 Delhi.
His name comes from the Hindi word Sher – meaning
But this Shera represents the cruel and rare side of Tiger-
the Man Eater.
He is a killer who likes destroying livelihoods of poor
An animal that preys upon humans, damages the nation’s
ancient ecological heritage, exploits the weaker sections
and supports loot of common resources.
Shera embodies values that the no nation can be proud
of: dishonesty, disrespect and unresponsive.
He is also destroying the fragile environment he lives in
and showing no responsibility towards the protection of
the ecosystem.
Today Shera is the symbol of all the wrongs that’s
happening to society.

He represents worst form of corruption in the history of
modern India.
He symbolizes dictatorship and exploitation.

Just think of the cries and before-death condition of the
poor people as they are displaced, their livelihoods are
snatched and as they are slowly being eaten.......
and for this Man Eater..its nothing but Just a Game!!

Why am I writing this?
Because it’s Time to talk about the bloody side of CWG-2010
They are killing animals, they are cutting trees, they are
displacing people, snatching livelihoods, destroying river,
looting the taxpayers, violating all possible labor laws,
increasing cost of living to unimaginable heights, asking
students to vacate hostels, destroying heritage of this age old
city and all this in the name of Green Games.
Yes as a matter of fact the only thing green about upcoming
Commonwealth Games in the city is “the money” involved in
And that’s why; anyone who is opposing the exploitation in the
name of games is being labeled as anti nation, anti people and
anti development.

Delhi is hosting Commonwealth Games in October this year.
Vision of these games includes “inculcating sports
consciousness and culture in every Indian”. As per the official
website of CWG 2010, the mission of these games includes
“creating sustainable environment and leave behind a
lasting legacy”
and values include “transparency”.
Delhi won the bid in November 2003, in last six years
whatever has happened in the name of Games completely
defies above mentioned vision, mission and values. Already
sensitive ecological system of the city including river Yamuna
has been destroyed for upcoming “Green Games”. Thousands
of trees were cut down. City Government has completely
ignored sentiments of people and civil society against
destructive development.

Apart from ecological costs, People of this city are forced to
bear the economic burden of these games as Government and
city authorities have decided to come up with one after another
illogical project in name of developing city’s infrastructure
before the games. BRT corridor is one such example which has
become death corridor for the people of Delhi.
Initially the estimated cost of the games was around Rs. 1,899
crores which has already rose to Rs. 30,000 crores and is still
increasing. Who will pay this cost?
Yes you guessed it right, its you and me – common people of
this city who were never consulted before bidding for these
games and are still in the dark about what will happen once
these games are over.
The way these games are being organized in the city, people
are forced to pay very heavy social cost also. Thousands of
families are forced to move to the outskirts of the city in areas
like Bawana where there is no livelihood available. These
people were forcibly removed so that Govt. can use land for
“developing” venues and infrastructure related to games.
In the name of development and "beautification", homes of
thousands of families were demolished and people were
forcibly displaced, homeless people were removed from
shelters, some of which have been demolished. Shamelessly
authorities have decided to erect Bamboo screens around city
slums to separate visitors from the sights of the slums, it further
proves that all these efforts are being carried out keeping the
twelve days event in mind and it has nothing to do with the
welfare of common people of this historic city.