It’s time to start your Digital Nomad Life

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It’s time to start your Digital Nomad Life
By: Digital Nomad Family
If the alarm clock fills you with dread, and
the thought of spending the next 20+
years doing what you’re doing now makes
you panic, you know the time is right to
face whatever fear is stopping you from
living a life you design, a Digital Nomad
I felt like this once, and the thing is, once
you’ve stopped thinking about every
single possibility that can go wrong and actually just do it, risks aren’t that scary once
you’ve taken them!
If you have things you want to do in your life that don’t conform with the working
pattern that has been decided for society, that there often comes a point when
surviving as the living dead just isn’t enough anymore. You reach a cross-roads, and the
choice becomes simple: you continue doing what you’ve done and die (spiritually, not
physically!), or you face your fears and take a risk. Once you’ve taken that risk, no
matter how scary it might seem, often a calm settles as if the planets are aligning
once more and you’re back on your true path again.
Now, I’m not saying there won’t be bumps in the path but it’s about managing that risk,
and more importantly, that fear. If you measure your fears of leaving your job on a
scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being nothing, and 10 being permanently life-changing, it is
clear that any sensible, rational human with some life-experience would be hard pushed
to admit that any negative change is likely to be anything more than temporary. On the
upside, any positive change IS likely to have a long-lasting, permanent, positive
impact. Which is what you are looking for!
However, what if you haven’t reached the point in your current existence where you
can’t stand it anymore. What if you’re just unsatisfied, a bit uncomfortable? In my
opinion this is the worse place to be! This is where you rationalise that things aren’t
that bad, you can’t really complain, the family is okay, the kids are provided for, you’ll
get a pay rise next year probably. Easy to carry on, plodding away, until in another 5
years down the line you’ve either had enough or something forces you out of this
comfort zone.
If you’re not in a living hell (yet), ask yourself if you’re better off than you were one year
ago, or even one month ago? Financially? Emotionally? Spiritually? If not, just know that
things will not change themselves. Change nothing, nothing changes. You have to be the
So, what are you afraid of? Time to work it
out and start your
Digital Nomad Life
; grab a
pen and paper and ask yourself…
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