James Elgar Climbs the Ladder of Success

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James Elgar Climbs the Ladder of Success
Several people spend all their lives trying to figure out what they want to do, but there is a rare breed of
people who are clear that the only goal in their life is to learn as much as possible and reach the greatest
heights possible. James Elgar happens to be someone who belongs to the second set of people and from
the word go, he has been someone who is willing to work really hard to reach the heights that most
people can only dream of.
Although he did really well in school and excelled at business in college, he felt that the best way to
learn more about business was to do it hands on. Choosing to go with his gut instinct, he left college to
take on his fi rst ever job at MOTO, where although he started at the lowest level, he rose to great
heights. Within months of joining, he was promoted to a supervisory position, where he not only had to
handle human resources, but also customer issues and inventory. He then moved to a company called
Ansett Aircraft Aviation Services, where he took charge of customer support and even though his father
works for the same company, he chose to earn respect based on his own diligence and hard work.
Now, James Elgar is all set to take on a whole new role, because he is now the candidate for the United
Kingdom Independence Party or UKIP and he hopes that in the days to come, he is able to not only help
the people of his country, but also be a part of creating history.
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