James Elgar Tweets Spark Controversy

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James Elgar Tweets Spark Controversy
A teenage council candidate has been left embroiled in a controversial Twitter incident. A 19 -
year old UKIP election candidate has received a huge criticism for his offensively racist tweets
posted over the last year or so. However, James Elgar has been constantly denying the nature
of tweets as offensive, stating that those have been misinterpreted. Although one may suspect
that he is trying to retract his actions, one cannot write off the possibility of his comments
being misinterpreted, especially considering that he has proposed a candidature for one of the
most prestigious electoral profiles of the nation.
Father Supports Son in Hard Times
As reported, Elgar’s tweets made indirect and unclear references to rape by “Asian boys” and
hijacked planes. Some of these tweets have sparked angry and intense feelings among the
people who took offense at these posts. After the incident, James’ father Mark has come to his
son’s defense. Mark states that his son is the least racist person you would ever meet. The
father confirms his statement by tagging on that his son’s best friend is a girl and he works in
tandem with people from Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Such controversies are bound to happen with Elgar as shutterbugs follow up on any opening in
the lives of influential personalities. Moreover, the young man is touted to be the next big thing
in the world of politics and he has been supporting UKIP in a progressive way. So, it could be
the case that the opposing parties have not taken well to it and might have rigged up the whole
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