Japanese hair straightening

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Japanese Hair Straightening Keeps Your Hair Permanently Straight
Japanese hair straightening is one of the latest hair treatments otherwise known as Thermal
Reconditioning. It is a process of hair treatment in which the hair is alternately and
continuously shampooed, blown out, heated and flat ironed. Those processes are repeated
continuously to completely retexture the hair making it shiny, smooth and have sleek look. If
you are interested about this method of hair straightening, you should understand first how it
works as well as its benefits.
This method of hair straightening was developed and came into existence in the early 2000's.
The treatment uses chemical products namely Liscio and Yuko. The Japanese hair
straightening process offers hair-transforming powers that make it popular in America and
other part of the world. United States uses its own chemical product called Bio Ionics in doing
the treatment.
Yuko is the original Japanese straightener used for virgin hair. It is done in a single
preparation and is not ideal for African ethnic hair as well as previously treated hair. On the
other hand, Liscio is the second developed treatment that applies chemical ionic bond
restructuring. This hair straightening system was introduced in 1996 and is now commonly
used as compared to Yuko.
Choosing the right salon and right product is important if you want to obtain the best result.
As much as possible, choose salon that specializes this service so that you can ensure getting
the quality of hair that you desire. Likewise, you should use the product that can provide
desirable result. Most clients prefer Liscio because it is not only effective but also no negative
feedback reported. In the same manner, make sure that the hairstylist is knowledgeable and
well-trained in doing the treatment. In this way, you can ensure that your hair is in good
Moreover, before getting the process you should consider asking for before and after photos
of their customers who have used the Japanese hair straightening treatment. Likewise, make
a list of the products and treatments that you have used and done and inform the hairstylist
about it. Before making an appointment, make sure that you have no other schedules because
the treatment requires staying in the salon for several hours. The most important thing to
consider before having the treatment is to ensure that the hairstylist should conduct hair
strand test. This is ideal way of determining if your hair can endure the chemicals.
On the other hand, getting a Japanese hair straightening treatment also has its downsides. It
is important to know the negative sides so that you can make the right decision. Definitely,
the major drawback of this hair treatment is the expensive price tag. This means that you
need to prepare from $300 to $600 if you want to get that sleek straight hair. It is indeed a

major investment getting this treatment. Likewise, the treatment is not recommended if the
hair of the client is recently relaxed. African-American hair will not benefit from this type of
Giving proper care after the treatment is crucial is you want to maintain the newly
straightened locks. In this sense, you should know the dos and don'ts to ensure that the
result will last for several months. The first thing to keep in mind after the treatment is done
is not to wet the hair within 4 days. Coloring the hair after few months of getting the
Japanese hair straightening is not allowed. Protect your hair from the heat of the sun by using
UV protection spray. Use shampoos and conditioners that do not contain sulfates and salts.
Finding a salon offering Japanese hair straightening treatment requires thorough research. It
is because only few salons have professional hairstylist that has special training about this
hair treatment. As mentioned earlier, the hairstylist plays important role for the success of
the treatment. You can also ask for recommendations so that you can ensure getting services
from reliable salon.
You should not rush getting the hair treatment. As much as possible you should inquire from
several salons so that you will know who can give you the best service that worth your money.
Likewise, you should keep in mind that this hair treatment provides permanent result. This
means that the original fullness and body of your hair will disappear and it will be impossible
to get it curl. The advantage of Japanese hair straightening is that after the treatment your
hair will never be affected by elements that make hair frizz.
Therefore, employing the Japanese hair straightening system requires tough decision. If you
just want temporary straight hair, then you should use other method. Aside from doing
research, you need also to read reviews of customers so that you will be guided in making
your decision. Japanese hair straightening treatment is an innovative technique that will
transform your wavy and curly hair into a sleek, smooth and straighter hair.
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