Jersey, UK 5 Star Hotels

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Jersey, UK 5 Star Hotels
The island of Jersey - which can be found off the French coast in the English Channel - is a popular
destination with tourists from across the globe. The aMaizin! Adventure Park is another wildly
popular family-friendly attraction on the island of Jersey. As such, there is a wide variety of hotels in
Jersey for visitors to choose from. Millions of visitors make their way to the island every year, where
a relaxing time can be enjoyed. These ferries transport
vehicles as well as pedestrians, meaning visitors can take
their own car or rental car with themTheres more to Jersey
than visiting its wide selection of attractions.
Children are sure to get a kick out of a visit to Aquasplash, a waterpark, while Durrell Wildlife Park
is a zoo offering the chance to see more than species. The towns of Saint Brelade and Saint Helier
are popular choices for those looking for Jersey hotels. Included amongst the most popular Jersey
attractions, and worthy of a place on any tourists itinerary, are La Hogue Bie, Mout Orgueil Castle,
and Elizabeth Castle. Each town, as well as Jersey as a whole, provides a variety of accommodation
options, including quaint Bed and Breakfast properties, boutique hotels, and budget-friendly hotel
rooms. While Jerseys airport is busy, most visitors actually arrive on the island by sea.
Jersey is jersey uk hotel discount an ideal vacation destination for families. Jersey Bowl, located near
the airport, is an -lane bowling alley that is a favorite with teenagers. Thanks to buses and taxis,
visitors do not need to drive to get the most out of the island. Those bringing their own car or hiring
one will find that Jersey is easy to get around, thanks to relatively low levels of traffic and well-kept
roads. A regular schedule of ferries departs from Poole and Weymouth on Englands south coast,
taking approximately four to five hours to arrive at the port in Saint Hellier, the islands capital.
As well as scenic walking trails, there is a wide variety of other outdoor pursuits to be enjoyed on
Jersey. Those enjoying history and art should visit the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery, while the
Maritime Museum and Living Legend Village are also worth a visit. From here, visitors can travel by
car or bus across the island, with buses, taxis, and chauffeurs available for those not wishing to drive
themselves. With navigation and access straightforward, tourists will find all of the islands attraction
easy to find and easy to visit. The Living Legend Village is jersey hotel deals home to the Jersey
Experience, which offers an interactive and cinematic overview of the islands history.