Jewelry For Couples

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In jewelry industry, market development, design creation and manufacture connect together
tightly like a chain, but every links are all dependent on unified orientation, especially in the early
stages of marketing research and development, the targeted consumer group is particularly
appropriate. When you find the exact consumer groups, understand their characteristics and
needs, you are able to seize the positioning of your product and market.
In the jewelry industry which based on the young
consumer groups, couple jewelry seems a word we
encounter very often, except watch collection for men
and women that sell them in pair for couples (citated
from: Other
couples jewelry is rare in the market, in addition to
couple ring. How to seize the couple jewelry that
relatively blank market, how to meet the demand of
young people desired to express love and show their
multi-faceted love? How to develop the market according to the new life style and love view of
young people, and customized couple jewelry to their needs, how to find the most exact market
position, all these are worth to be considering by the jewelry industry.
Times so far, 70's, 80's and 90's are gradually become the backbone in young society, 80's, the
former "new generation" who will be their thirties or are thirties, most of 90's, the non-
mainstream are walking on their way to twenty.
In fact, whether 80's or 90's, as young person who embodied the era of many common features,
such as profound impact on the efforts of international multi-cultural, they are open - minded,
active and quick in thinking, like to accept new things easily, faster integration into the world,
confident, independent, distinct personality, enjoy life, aggressive and so on. Most of they do not
like the traditional way, they like innovation, creating different things, so is the case with
purchasing jewelry, Custom Jewelry is more popular.
"Love, to speak out loudly"," youth fugitively passing, love to love we must boldly go" words of
90's love reveal brave and insistence. Other than the meaningful life style and open love view of
80's and 90's, couple jewelry in the market now are blank, we are hard to see more diversified
products, except couple ring, mobile phone chain, pendant, watches and other traditional
accessories in jewelry market. Custom Jewelry, especially couple jewelry will become a new trend
in the near future.