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47St Closeouts: Scripting New Benchmarks
in the Diamond Jewelry Industry
47St Closeouts has earned the distinctive repute of
being a top-notch diamond jewelry store which
showcases a large and wide selection of exquisite
diamond jewelry that can be afforded by people of


The firm has first registered its presence in this
realm some 15 years back and since them has
grown by leaps and bounds entering into strategic
al iances with leading jewelry manufactures and
diamond site holders across the globe. This close

knit relationship with top manufactures operating
from New York City coupled with appreciable
financial capability has led to offering of awesome
products at the most competitive rates.
Large or smal retailers enthusiastic about fuel ing
their sluggard fine jewelry businesses can rely on
the low prices to trigger exponential growth of their
profits and sales. 47St Closeouts has the resources,
skil ed manpower and strategic contracts that
enable them to fulfil contracts of any dimension
without contravening the deadline. Quantity
discounts are offered regularly on every item which
saves the smal jewelry stores New York area from
the compulsion of stocking items to gain the price

47St Closeouts refrains from compromising on the
quality of jewelry by preferring plated base metals.
Al diamond jewelry is encased in solid precious
A number of attractive features accompany every
sale of exquisite diamond jewelry. These include 30
days return policy, free gift packaging, and

certificate of authenticity. This ace diamond jewelry
store ships products to international destinations
too and the jewelry items are covered by


The professional handshake with leading jewelry
manufacturers imply that the customers can get
jewelry items custom created to suit their
temperament and specific occasions. Customers wil
never confront any problem making payments for
purchases as the diamond jewelry store accepts
literal y al forms of payment modes, even personal
checks for orders placed over phone.

Online transactions are foolproof and insulated
against any attempted hacking by unauthorized
persons eavesdropping on your sensitive financial
information. Latest data encryption technology and
Secured Socket Layer implementation ensure that
critical information is not lost, misused or altered
during shopping. Al international shipments are
executed at a fixed rate of $10 per product. No
alteration is entertained on fees until the


Blazing the trail for other jewelry stores New York,
47St Closeouts is ever keen to walk the extra mile to
assist customers on finding the perfect diamond.
If a customer is unable to arrive at the diamond
visualized by him, he can promptly get in contact
with the diamond and jewelry specialists at 212-
391-1888. Enjoy the unique experience of a lifetime
shopping securely for exquisite and fetching


Just drop in at to wonder
at the marvelous collection of jewelry stocked less
than one roof.