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Jewelry Repair
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Jewelry repair is among those activities that typically are self evident to the owner of a bit of jewelry. If
your ring is too big or not big enough, it obviously needs to be adjusted or "sized" in jeweler's parlance.
If a clasp no longer creates a chain or bracelet, it generally needs to be replaced. If the ear ring just falls
out of ones ear, it likely requires a new back or maybe possible, to tighten that old one. In fact, anything
that prevents the dog owner from worry free wear probably falls underneath the inexhaustible category
of jewelry repair.
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With regards to jewelry and jewellery repair, here is another wise stating that you would prosper to
keep in mind, "an ounce of prevention may be worth one pound of cure". Virtually everyday someone
comes in needing to replace a lost diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald or any other precious gem stone
because they didn't take the time or really give any considered to the care and protection of their prized
possession. On closer inspection it becomes painfully evident the prongs that when held their valuable
bauble became worn and thin and lastly just broke off.
Historically, the jeweler, like the majority of craftsmen, had to make from scratch even the tools they
used. It had been a painstaking process that took days and even weeks to complete. If a ring must be
sized, the process could take on the week - just with that one ring. Most everyone has seen these
magnificent necklaces, bracelets, rings and ear rings from olden days with there attention to detail and
sheer opulence. It could have taken more than annually or more simply to make some of those
wonderful pieces and heaven forbid they ever need repairing. And in mind that your average "working
Joe" of this day couldn't even conceive of owning a splendid bit of gold jewelry.
Nearly all families in the usa today not only can afford one however, many, many pieces of jewelry. The
present of jewellery celebrates and punctuates most all significant occasions in the current modern
world. And, it is no longer relegated to just special occasions, but is worn with great pleasure day in and
day trip. The large number of proper jewelry on the market place today is made from gold - not stainless
steel. And, as such, must be regularly inspected, cleaned and even have routine or preventative
maintenance performed to guarantee the owner can confidently wear their special bit of genealogy.
Yet, in our busy drive-through society, people just are not willing to wait very long, if, to obtain their
jewelry repaired. Thankfully, leading edge technology and new techniques have helped jewelers devise
possible ways to do repairs faster, more efficiently and also at a much reduced cost towards the
consumer. Just a few short years ago the repair of a broken prong with an emerald cluster could have
been almost prohibitively expensive for get fixed. Yet with laser welders finding there way into your
better jewelry repair centers and stores, the price of the repair and also the time it requires to repair it
have grown to be much more palatable for that consumer.