Jewish Heritage Tour

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Jewish Heritage Tour

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If anyone it looking for to share an inspiring and spiritual adventurers story to share, then Jewish
heritage tour
is your best. It has grown to be among the most popular tours in Israel.
Sometimes we all need to discover and learn of our once glorious past, whilst seeing and understanding
the culture and traditions of the Jews. Taking a Jewish Heritage tours will not only help appreciates the
past glories in beautiful places but also helps appreciate the comparisons of the past and the current life.
A travel to Israel is special in that it offers the three special experiences that no other place offers. One
is able to interact with an environment that is spiritual, learn the historical cultures and get educational
Places to visit in Jewish Heritage Tour
Israel tours does not only offer a distinct combination of historical, educational and exciting sites for
travelers as it also gives and adventurers moment to the visitors. There are several places that one can
visit in Israel as part of the Jewish heritage tour.
One of the most important places to visit with the old
city of Jewish heritage tour is Jerusalem (The city of
Gold). Jerusalem is located on a plateau in the Judean
Mountains which is between the Mediterranean and
the Dead Sea. Jerusalem is considered holy to the
Abrahamic religions which
includes; Judaism,
Christianity and Islam.
Touring Jerusalem is not just about the old city but
there are many things to explore and learn. These will includes the Machane Yehuda market, cultural
venues, recreational parks, and of course enjoy shopping in Jerusalem. Some of the well known malls
in Jerusalem are Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall and Mamilla Mall. There are also many hotels around
Jerusalem that are popular around the world. They include; atlas boutique hotels like Arthur Hotel
Jerusalem and Harmony hotel in Jerusalem. Some other popular hotels are Commodore hotel, Mamilla
hotel, The David citadel hotel, the Leornado Plaza Jerusalem, Dan Jerusalem hotel and also the Tulip
Inn Golden walls hotel. There are also many hotels which people find luxurious and a good way to
have spiritual silence.
King David's Tomb
King David was a powerful Spiritual leader in the past and therefore King David's tomb has become
one of the most important places for visiting in the Jewish heritage tour. The tomb is on the ground
floor besides the remains of Hagia Zion and is accessed by going through the Zion gate. Visiting King
David's tomb is an inspiration to many Christians as he was a leader who was so n into Christianity and
well known for his biblical songs and writings.

Sephardic Synagogues
The Four Sephardic Synagogues is a very nice place to tour and is one of the most popular places to
tour in Israel. It is located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.
Qumran, Massada and Dead Sea
Red sea is the lowest place on earth and for this it is considered to be one of the important sites to visit.
Qumran is also another important place where it is said that the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947
by a Bedouin boy. Massada is another important place where many say that it is the most impressive
site in Israel to visit. The site is also important for people taking a Jewish heritage tour as it marks a
historical landmark for being the last stronghold of the Jews after the destruction of the second temple.

Other types of Israel travels
There are other types of Israel travels that one could enjoy and also learn and experience includes the
popular bar mitzvah tours and Bat Mitzvah tours which are said to be created for people(including
families) who are seeking a spiritually uplifting adventure and a unique experience. These events are
very important hand have become popular in different parts of the world. It combines the experience of
being in a spiritual vacation to a world class destination with wide range of attractions that are best fit
for families.

There are many places to tour in Israel, for specific reasons. This article gives a brief overview of Israel
travel and explaining different ways to enjoy an Israel travel including the Jewish heritage tour.

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