Job Description of quantity surveyor

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Job Description of quantity surveyor
A Quantity Surveyor is a very important job in the construction industry and they have huge
responsibilities to manage the accounts. The main work of the surveyor is to survey, estimate the cost
and area of the land, examine the building design and construction. They should be expertise in their
field. And their works vary from place to place and time to time depends on the project.
The Quantity Surveyor not only works in the construction field and also works in and out of the field.
The work analysis described below:
a. should analysis the cost and benefit
b. want to plan about the management
c. need to plan the cost
d. estimating cost
e. look at the control change
f. need to dispute the resolution
g. control the cost of construction
The Quantity Surveyors wil be the main role in the construction team like the engineer and the
architect. They used to monitor the cost that has been spending for the materials and labor and at the
same time achieving the required qualities and standards. If they make any changes in the plan, they
need to consult the regarding person to take the decision otherwise it is going to affect the estimated
budget of the construction plan.
The Surveyor Salary
The basic salary of the beginner in this field is between 25,000 USD - 38,000 USD every year. And for the
experienced Surveyor it wil be between the ranges of $37,000 - $75,000. Some of the QS have a
partners in a privately owned companies can earn more when comparing with others.
Based on the shift and work in the different site, the construction company wil provide the salary for
the Quantity Surveyor. The main benefit for the surveyor is health care benefits.
Education and Training for the Quantity Surveyors
To became a quantity surveyor a bachelor degree is enough. But they want to be in the successful
position in the construction field and also they want to undergone many programs like seminars,
conferences, trainings from the private organization and workshops to update the field to withstand in
the construction field.
Surveyors Career Opportunities

Around the world there are many opportunities available for the field of construction. Countries like
South Africa, India and UK provides very good career opportunity for surveyors.
The main classification of employers for the Quantity Surveyors as given below:
1. Contractors based practices
2. Work for the private projects
3. Work into the government project.
Some time Quantity Surveyor is treated as cost engineer. There are many scopes in the field of
construction. If one should want to be a Quantity Surveyor then they need to be good in calculation and
reasoning skil s. And they must be aware of latest market trends in construction.
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