Jurassic Park / Jurassic World Movie TShirts

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Jurassic Park / Jurassic World Movie TShirts
Jurassic Park is back in 2015 with Jurassic World, a relaunch of the 1993 Steven
Spielburg classic movie! Right now at ApparelZoo.com, you can purchase a limited edition Logo
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Located off the coast of Costa Rica, a new theme park is built on top Jurassic park called Jurassic
World, a luxury resort provides a habitat for an array of genetically engineered dinosaurs,
including the vicious and intelligent Indominus rex. When the massive creature escapes, it sets
off a chain reaction that causes the other dinos to run amok. Now, it’s up to a former military
man and animal expert (Chris Pratt) to use his special skills to save two young brothers and the
rest of the tourists from an all-out, prehistoric assault.
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