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JustSystems Solutions for
Commercial Software Companies
Software vendors worldwide face the challenge of reducing costs and increasing productivity so they can
compete in a global marketplace. Software companies providing enterprise and desktop software are under
pressure to reduce operating costs while increasing brand loyalty and remaining nimble enough to quickly
react to changing market dynamics. While commercial software companies are all distinct in what they do and
how they do it, they are all similarly dependent on the tight control over the process for creating, publishing,
and consuming information.
How information is created, shared, and disseminated has deep implications for knowledge management and process
ef? ciency, making it one of the critical priorities for many software companies. Commercial software companies have
vast information stores, spanning unstructured content stored in repositories and file servers and structured data
in relational databases and legacy/mainframe systems. JustSystems provides powerful solutions that allow software
vendors to dramatically improve innovation, time to market and productivity by improving how information is created,
published, and consumed. JustSystems’ solutions reduce the cost of content creation and maintenance and improve
the effectiveness of business processes that depend on content and data from diverse and distributed sources.
The worlds of document publishing and application development are converging and the document itself is becoming
the application—with live data and an interactive user experience. We offer a variety of solutions from publishing
documents to driving collaboration and business process transformation—all of which center around our mission to
improve business through more ef? cient and effective creation, reuse, and delivery of information.
JustSystems is a global software leader with nearly 30 years of innovation in information management technology
and extensive experience within the software industry. Today, with XMetaL and xfy, JustSystems is helping software
companies to take advantage of XML to rapidly create, integrate, visualize, and deliver content and data across the
organization. This helps customers reduce the cost and delays of content creation and maintenance and improve the
effectiveness of business processes that rely on diverse, distributed—and often isolated—islands of content and data.
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Structured Authoring and Reuse
Software companies can accelerate creation and improve the quality and consistency of business-critical documents
while reducing the cost and complexity of multi-channel publishing, localization, and maintenance over time.
JustSystems’ structured authoring and reuse solutions allow both technical authors and business contributors to
easily create valid XML to accelerate the creation, simplify the maintenance, and improve the quality of content found
in business-critical documents. Structured authoring provides the basis for reuse, localization, and multi-channel
publishing of business-critical content, and the XMetaL product line is the leading structured authoring and publishing
solution available today.
XMetaL provides a rich authoring solution that allows technical editors to exploit the full power of XML while enabling
business contributors to create XML in a highly intuitive, WYSIWYG environment. XMetaL Reviewer is a powerful
collaborative solution for streamlining the content creation, review, and approval lifecycle. XMetaL XMAX is a component
framework that allows structured authoring capabilities to be transparently embedded into any web-based or traditional
application. XMetaL provides a ? exible and powerful means for companies to ensure important information assets are
accurate, current, and presented in the most effective form.
Solution Name
Technical Documentation
You can create technical documentation based on reusable XML components to improve
discovery, reuse, and control over the implementation of changes. This accelerates the
creation of technical datasheets and product documentation while ensuring that only the
most up-to-date information is being utilized throughout the company. Software vendors can
improve the quality and accuracy of technical information, and solutions from JustSystems
can help you reduce the cost and delay associated with creation, localization, and
maintenance of technical documentation.
Marketing Materials
Software vendors can create reusable XML components to represent highly branded, regulated,
and otherwise “locked down” language. Solutions from JustSystems allow authors to reuse
these components to accelerate the assembly of new marketing collateral and improve
consistency at stages of authoring and review.
Policies and Procedures
Solutions from JustSystems allow commercial software companies to keep documents
up-to-date while enabling only those with the proper permissions to edit and approve
policies and procedures.
Software companies are looking to manage contracts in a more ef? cient way, and xfy
offers a collaborative interface for the creation, management, and storage of contractual
information with a full audit trail for logging changes.
Knowledge Base
Software companies that answer consumer inquiries need a dynamic interface to provide
targeted responses. With solutions from JustSystems, software companies can link
customer queries to various data repositories to better generate appropriate responses
across multiple channels.
Product Data Management
PDM information is always stored on various servers throughout an organization. xfy can
bring together all of the information, providing software companies with real-time views
of product information.
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Dynamic Delivery
JustSystems’ solutions allow software companies to bring together disparate, distributed data and content and combine
it in a single dynamic document that is always up to date so you can:
• Dramatically improve the accuracy and consistency of complex documents
• Enhance dynamic information sharing across functions, workgroups, and teams
• Eliminate error introduction from manual rekeying and scanning of documents
• Improve the speed and ef? ciency of manual and document-centric processes
These dynamic documents ensure that the information they contain is always accurate, which is particularly critical in
areas where there is an exceptionally high cost of introducing inaccurate information into a process. Stale or inaccurate
information can lead to costly errors and delay time-to-market for new products.
xfy documents dynamically render information based on a user’s role, a point in a process, or the result of a query.
Dynamic documents can also be used as a basis for collaboration, minimizing the need for information re-entry and
eliminating the manual reconciliation and validation of data in static documents.
Attach an xfy dynamic document to an e-mail or a workflow item and you’re sharing a unified view into disparate
information sources. xfy stores the metadata and permissions associated with these underlying sources to ensure
security and other policies are always enforced, and the view changes based on a user’s role and permissions. This
makes xfy a simple, powerful solution for collaboration and information transfer across product lifecycles and along
organization information chains. xfy helps to bridge the manual gaps between silos of automation, blending the worlds of
transaction processing and document work? ow in ways that will accelerate cycle time, increase process throughput, and
reduce the risk of introducing errors.
In many business processes, there are manual gaps between isolated silos of automation. These manual gaps are
typically the document-centric phases of a process. JustSystems’ solutions help to streamline business processes by
bridging the gap between automated transactional work? ows and more human-centric, document-based work? ows.
They allow commercial software companies to automatically capture transactional information and pull it into dynamic
documents for human review and analysis. Likewise, information within documents can be automatically processed by
back-of? ce systems or packaged and delivered as an XML stream without manual rekeying or scanning of information.
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Solution Name
Development Collaboration
Software development teams are often distributed across the globe, and xfy allows
commercial software companies to accelerate the pace of research and collaboration while
reducing the time and error rates associated with manual reconciliation and validation of
documents. Developers can more effectively share information and work in unison based
on easy access to the most accurate and current source documents.
Sales and Operations Planning
Commercial software vendors have standard operating procedures for everything to improve
ef? ciency and provide a framework for various procedures. An example would be the
development and implementation of quality control SOPs. The scope and complexity of SOPs
is daunting, and a real-time repository of SOP related information is needed. xfy enables the
real-time management and delivery of SOP information, and you can deliver directed SOP
content to a targeted audience using predetermined access permissions.
Market Requirements and
You can integrate various information sources that contribute to the explicit set of
Design Documents
speci? cation requirements for the production of a software application. With solutions from
JustSystems, you can pull together and display information from all engineering and design
departments by improving the speed in which market requirements and functional design
documents are produced.
Best Practices, Tips, and
You can create repeatable best practices incorporating tips and customer-maintained
documentation that provides the basis for a CRM of? ce knowledge base, and you can also
Email: [email protected]
allow customers to contribute tips, which can be standardized as best practices. You can
North America: (tf) +1.866.793.1542
also integrate real-world CRM information into your company’s best practices and create
Europe: +44.0.1462.895.014
a dynamic dialog with customers to improve future product offerings.
International: +1.604.697.8705
You can share, collaborate, and standardize engineering information and analysis into a
About JustSystems
single application, and you can incorporate all technical documentation into one XML-based
JustSystems is a leading global software
platform. With solutions from JustSystems, you can dynamically connect multidisciplinary
provider with three decades of successful
innovation in of? ce productivity, information
collaborative product development, improve team productivity and communication, and
management, and consumer and enterprise
accelerate time-to-market.
software. With over 2,500 customers
worldwide and annual revenues over $110M,
the company is continuing a global expansion
strategy that includes the launch of its
Solutions from JustSystems for Commercial Software Vendors
new enterprise software offering called xfy
(pronounced ‘x-?
e’), and XMetaL content
xfy is a powerful document-based composite application framework that allows software companies to rapidly
lifecycle solutions. JustSystems has worldwide
of? ce locations including global headquarters
unify content and data in a single dynamic document. With no technical knowledge, business users can rapidly
in Tokyo, and regional of? ces in New York, Palo
Alto, Vancouver, and London. The company
assemble rich document-based applications that bring together isolated content and data from disparate sources.
currently employs over 1,000 people. Major
strategic partnerships include IBM, Oracle
xfy dynamic documents are, in essence, applications. XMetaL, the XML-based software for structured authoring and
and EMC.
content collaboration, helps your organization get to market faster with your products and streamline maintenance by
Customers include Cisco, DaimlerChrysler,
HP, Kodak, Microsoft, Philips, RIM, Southwest
bringing structure and automation to managing high volumes of valuable content. Software vendors worldwide rely on
Airlines, Sybase, Symantec, Texas Instruments
structured authoring and reuse and dynamic delivery solutions from JustSystems to create, unify, visualize, and deliver
and USA Today.
business-critical information that improves productivity, ef? ciency, and pro? tability. For more information about our
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