Karnataka State Education Board

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Karnataka State Education Board
Karnataka State Education Board
Karnataka Secondary Education Board was established in the year 1966. The board is working
tremendously hard for the welfare of the students and their education. In order to improve education
system in Karnataka, the government applied new concept in the 2011 examinations.
The government provides admission tickets with student's photographs and the same photos being used
in the repeaters admission tickets also. This concept was applied for the first time and the results of the
April 2011 were announced with the student's photos in the result sheet.
karnataka education board conducts the SSLC exam. For the academic year April 2011 about 8.73 Lakh
students were appeared for the SSLC (Secondary school leaving certificates) examinations. The board
has been successfully conducted the examinations since it came in existence.
The Karnartaka education board conducts other examination also since decided to improve the
evaluation system and results etc. Besides that it also announces SSLC examinations results, CET
examination results and PUC examinations results.
The Karnataka board has been successfully promoting school education and conducting examinations in
the state since 1966. The board exercises its functions to conduct examinations, issue certificates and
mark sheets, recognize examinations centers, adjusting appointments with the consent of the Director,
preparing annual Budget and categorize the meetings.
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To provide better services and the up-to-date information to the students, teachers and
guardians, the Karnatka board launched its official website. In order to provide information
about the repetition of the examination, cal letters, to remain in direct contact with visitors this
website played an important role. Board also conducted the supplementary examination for
the failed candidates of March in June month of every year.
This strategy is very helpful for the students as they can clear their backlogs in the same
academic year from July itself. This is the new concept and first time introduced in the country.
The karnataka secondary education board has a committee of examiner's that controls the
entire task related to the board examinations. Through the constituted body, the committee
constitutes of a chairman, a wise chairman and other members.
The SSLC examination conducted by the Karnataka board is always held in the month of April
and the number of appearing students in the examination increasing tremendously. In short
Karnataka education board is working for the following objectives
1. Prepare and improve the courses for the 10th standard as the welfare of education
2. Introduction of new technology in the education system which further improves the level
of education in state.
3. Granting our recognition to the new high schools in Karnataka.
4. Maintain necessary arrangements for the examination centers.
5. Proper guidance for the students in Urban and Rural areas of Karnataka.
Karnataka education is known for its best responsibilities and its constantly working for the
welfare of students and education system.
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Karnataka Board Syllabus
Karnataka education board was developed in the year 1966 and after the recognition
the board has been working to increase the education ratio in the state. The
Karnataka education board is responsible for the school education in the state and
the works related to the school education from 1st to 12th standard are handled by
the board.
Karnataka Board Text Books
The Karnataka board came into existence in 1966. The main examination conducted
by the Karnataka board is the SSLC examination held once in a year in the April
month. The students preparing for the higher education in Karnataka have to clear
this exam to get entrance in the standard colleges.
Karnataka Board Previous Year Question Papers
The board of Karnataka was established in the year 1966 and tremendously working
for the welfare in the education system in the state Karnataka. The SSLC examination
is the main exam organized by the Karnataka board every year. This is the most
crucial examination faced by the students studying under the Karnataka board at the
end of the class 10th .
Karnataka Board Sample Papers
The Board of Karnataka education was developed in the year 1966 and works under
the government of the Karnataka. The board of Karnataka conducts SSLC
examination and the appearing number of student's id tremendously increasing for
the SSLC examination.

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