Kartell Furniture - A Pacesetter Of Modern Furniture

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Kartell Furniture - A Pacesetter Of
Modern Furniture

When homeowners are considering decorating
their homes with modern furniture pieces, they
invariably think about Kartell, a leading Italian
designer. The company is one of the leaders in
modern products and focus on specialized
environmentally friendly furniture, modern
lights, and home accessories, such as Bourgie
Lamp, Louis Ghost chair, and Mademoiselle
chair. Additionally, customers can choose from a
variety of office furniture, chairs, dining tables,
bar stools, accent tables, and many more similar

Chairs form an important component of your home decor and are widely used to enjoy a fun filled
evening with close friends and family members. The designer provides the classical range of chairs
that are injected with a single mould as part of its industrial sets; these chairs offer homeowners a
superior product to be used in their homes. During the designing process, the designers pay special
attention to the ergonomic aspect of the chairs along with its sturdiness. The materials used for the
manufacturing of all the products are of a superior quality and highest grade to ensure they last for
many years.

All the Kartell furniture is designed for practical use around the homes and offices. Most of the pieces
are very versatile and can be used both inside and the outside. The designs provided by this company
take inspiration from various cultures across the world, such as the Japanese style of weaving. During
the manufacturing process, attention is paid to the minutest detail to provide smooth and error free
designs to the clients. Several designs although modern are inspired from the most popular classical
designs from the 1960s and 1970s. The company uses modern industrial technology to reproduce the
iconic designs from this era. Most of the furniture pieces are available in a wide range of colors to
ensure you find ones that most appropriately match the overall color and style of your homes and

The Kartell masters chair is a legendary piece that offers great versatility in its use and design and is
available in white to provide richness and elegance to your decor. The legs are cylindrical and cut in
the center to enable side positioning of multiple chairs. The grooves on the sides enable you to stack
the chairs up to three high with ease and comfort. In addition, the central hole allows you to get a
firm grip while moving the chairs around. The hole also allows the circulation of air and water in case
the chair is being used in the outdoors.

To improve the look and feel around your homes, you can choose products from the Foscarini lights
range. Customers can choose from the wide range of pool lights, outside lightning solutions, fixtures,
and many more decorative products. The lights make your homes feel warm and comfortable
without causing a strain on the eyes. Moreover, the products are muted to provide a subdued
atmosphere around the house without making it very hot in the room. To ensure the natural
lightning of these products is maintained, owners are advised not to use heavy curtains and draperies
in the rooms.