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Corporate Identity
This is my Corporate Identity brief in which I
dr julia kostiuk warren
had to design a logo, business card, reciepts,
clinical psychologist
letter heads and a compliments slip. This is
027 344 3720
[email protected]
one of many client jobs I have worked on. She
was very happy with the results and uses this
dr julia kostiuk warren
for her company.
clinical psychologist
027 344 3720
[email protected]
dr julia kostiuk warren
clinical psychologist
027 344 3720
[email protected]
Client Nam e
Date: 20/04/2010
Client str eet nam e
Due Date: 26/04/2010
Client city & post number
Invoice Number: 0015364
dr julia kostiuk warren
clinical psychologist
027 344 3720
[email protected]
Total Paid :
Date Paid:

julia kostiuk-warren

Vestario Brochure
2010 winter
winter c collection
hether y you
ou w want
ant t to
o look
look c corporate
orporate - - sleek,
c commanding,
with a a
t touch
ouch of of class
- -
in in
a a designer
designer I Italian
suit or or show
off yf your
wild side
with the
the most
This was a graphic based fashion brochure created for a made
c colors
and st styles,
yles, w we
e ar ar
e e
e e
t y you
fi nd
find something
something at at
V Vestiario
y you
ou above
above the
the or
or dinary
dinary and
and allow
allow you
y to
ou t ex-
up suit company that I called Vestiario. Images designed in Pho-
e press your individuality
xpress your individuality. .
toshop, logo designed in Illustrator.

For this magazine brief, I had to design my own 16 page magazine. Layout was
created in InDesign and text in Illustrator. I believe this magazine demonstrates
some of my InDesign and layout skills.
a note
from the
Spirit Magazine:
Editor: Kaz Kostiuk-Warren
Designer: Kaz Kostiuk-Warren
There’s no doubt that
bacon has become
Contributing Writers:
one of the trendiest
Kaz Kostiuk-Warren
food items in the last few
W. Park Kerr
years. Many of us have had
LeNell Smothers
Alexa Weibel
bacon in our brownies.
Some of us have even had
bacon in our vodka.
To celebrate 2010’s mid year special friends.
thats right, Bacon
of the
edition of Spirit Magazine, we are
f lavou re d Vo d k a,
You can infuse your own vodka with Outside of Alaska, the fi rst state to get salmon dish makes sense if
Ever wondered how to get that unique
going deep into the world of Vodka!
known as Bakon is here!
42 Below
bacon at home by adding an ounce of it is Texas, but the distillers hope their you are a salmon fanatic. Try
fl avour to create that prefect cocktail?
Stuart Elliott
cooled smoked bacon grease to 750ml vodka makes a show in California and pairing a cold shot of it with
To start things off, we have a breif Well with our tips from the experts in Lastly, where would you be
Michelle Dunnick
of spirit. I've seen people infuse their Washington state soon.
an appetizer of capers and
double spread history of Vodka, which Vodka flavoured infusion, you can in an Absolut World? Managing
Christina Gaspari
spirit from four hours to two weeks.
cream cheese on toast or per-
includes its origins and meaning of the create any fl avour of vodka you like! director of Absolut Vodka, Jamie
Melissa Young
Besides the typical "throw it in
After the infusion process, freeze the
haps as a fl avor addition to your
word, and goes all the way up to how All you need is a bottle of plain vodka Gallo, talks to us exclusively about
Jamie Gallo
a Bloody Mary or make a mar-
spirit to solidify the fat for at least a
cream sauce over tortellini.
Vodka is seen in our modern time.
and your desired fl avour and enjoy! Be their take on an Absolut World, a
tini" suggestion, I can imagine
couple of hours, and strain with as fi ne
sure to check out page 10 for details.
world where you have a say in what
that the Bakon vodka might be Bacon and salmon spirits haven't
Our next stop is with Geoff Ross
a strainer as you can -- I use a micron
fl avour Absolut Vodka you would like
good w it h penne a lla vod k a. won you over? Then maybe you'd
Bakon Mary
Shake and pour into a
and his New Zealand made, 42 This years Tales of the Cocktails con-
fi lter, the kind used in fi sh tanks -- to
produced and a chance to get your city
Kaz Kostiuk-Warren
Besides The Elvis Presley cocktail prefer the award-winning mezcal
salt rimmed pint glass.
Below Vodka, recently described vention is bigger and better then ever
of the
remove any oily residue.
• • 1½ oz. Bakon Vodka.
turned into an Absolut Vodka fl avour!
Mike McCune
listed on the Bakon vodka website imported into the US under the Del
Garnish with a celery
as 6th in the world’s top Vodkas, before! With bartenders and spirits
If you don't want to go through all with 1 part Bakon vodka, 1/2 part Maguey label called Pechuga. (Less
• • Fill glass with tomato juice
stalk and your favorite
and is this years, Spirit Magazine, from all over the world, it is sure to be All in this years special edition of
Mark Thiessen
that trouble, a commercial product hazelnut liqueur, 1/2 part banana than a thousand bottles are released
• • Celery salt and pepper
pickled vegetables.
Vodka of the Year!
a highlight of 2010. We will also have Spirit Magazine, enjoy!
was introduced on the market about liqueur, and a splash of cream, I can by the tiny distillery, and it sells for
• • 2-4 dashes each of Worcester-
a representative from Spirit Magazine
a year ago called Bakon, a bacon fl a- imagine the bacon fl avor would also between $150 and $200 a bottle).
To continue the theme of 42 Below, we
Kaz Kostiuk-War-
shire sauce and Tabasco
their so if you are there, fi nd us for ren
vored vodka from Black Rock Spirits pair well in drinks made with other
have a quick look at 42 Below’s Vodka
• • 1/8 tsp. horseradish
some great prizes.
The mezcal does not taste like chicken.
in Seattle, Washington, that costs chocolate liqueurs.
University and some of the fl avours
Editor & Designer
In an
The distiller says the purpose of the
about $30.
and cocktails to come out of this prac- Our feature article this year is on a lit-
Many folks enjoy a cold shot of vodka chicken is to prevent the mezcal from

“Among the smoothest vodkas I have ever had with absolutely no bite... It gave the drink

tical and fun short course in the art tle known American Vodka which is
The distillery is located in the town with their salmon anyway, so perhaps tasting overly fruity. All I know is that
a hint of smokiness and of course a subtle bacon fl avor that really, really worked well.”
of cocktail making. Also included 2 turning heads whereever it goes with
of Wasilla, the home of Sarah Palin. pairing cold salmon vodka with your it’s darned good.
—Food & Beverage World
recipies that are sure to impress your its unique fl avour infusion. Bacon, yes
Spirit 13
in an
Visit absolut.com/cities where you
can vote on which city will be the
next to get its own Absolut fl avor
Six years ago Geoff
Ross began brewing
t is standard operating procedure on
Absolut New Orleans offered drinkers The taste of the Los Angeles variety save another,” Mr. Gallo says, “draw-
42 Below Vodka in his
Madison Avenue for a product to inspire
what the company described as the is described as “blueberry, acai berry, ing attention to people helping people,
garage, with his pregnant wife
taste of “mango with a spicy black acerola cherry and fruity notes of
a campaign. But for a leading liquor
people caring about the community”
delivering cases in the evening
pepper kick.” Absolut Spirits pomegranate.” Absolut Spirits plans as it rebuilds from the catastrophic
brand, a campaign is inspiring a product
produced 360,000 bottles to distribute 300,000 bottles of Abso-
while he brewed.
damage caused by Hurricane Katrina
— actually, a series of products.
of the New Orleans fla- lut Los Angeles, in 25,000 12-bottle in 2005.
Today his product is regarded as one commercial infusions but
vor, in 30,000 12-bottle cases, in markets like Las Vegas and
of the world’s up-and-coming vodka they are very well done and
cases, which sold out New York in addition to, of course, the For Los Angeles, the idea is to “fi nd
brands, named first equal in a UK worth a shot at creating
The brand is Absolut vodka, which is is blowing the lettering off the Absolut brands to life in
42 Below cocktail world cup.
quickly, Mr. Crystal Los Angeles area.
your spotlight,” he adds, inspired by
blind taste test and some great drinks with.
bringing out limited editions of fl a- bottle. In “Absolut San Francisco,” the tangible ways that
the concept of “why people go to L.A.
the only vodka at the
vored varieties that celebrate spirited bottle is obscured by fog.
potential customers
Absolut Spirits plans to donate in the fi rst place: It was always con-
About 42 Below Vodka:
New Zealand Oscar
cities where the residents enjoy their
can experience them-
Absolut Spirits donated $250,000 from the profi ts of Abso- sidered the city of opportunity, a fi rst
42 Below is distilled three
Some markets were honored with two
party in Los Angeles.
spirits. The fi rst one, introduced in
selves fi rst-hand.
all profi ts from Absolut lut Los Angeles to an organization, chance or a second chance.”
times from non-genetically
or more ads. In “Absolut Manhattan,”
July 2007, was named Absolut New
New Orleans, $2 mil- Green Way LA, which will use the
42 Below produces engineered wheat. After that,
Central Park is reshaped to look like T he c r iter i a for
As for the next fl avors with city roots,
Orleans; the second, introduced last
lion, to fi ve charities in money for a “Green Streets” initiative.
a delightful line of natural spring water (whose source
the Absolut bottle. In “Absolut New selecting the fi rst two
Mr. Gallo says it “defi nitely is early”
month, is called Absolut Los Angeles.
the Gulf Coast region.
fl avored vodkas along- hails from an extinct volcanic region)
York,” yellow cabs on a busy street are cities for Absolut fl a-
The company is also making a dona- to talk about them, but when pressed
side their smooth, is used as a wash before a fi nal distil-
The citified versions of Absolut are lined up to invoke a bottle of lemon- vors included “being
The introduction of tion to the Friends of the Walk of he adds that at the agency “we kind of
clear vodka. The New lation and a trip through 35 different
being promoted with print, outdoor fl avored Absolut Citron.
a destination,” Mr.
Absolut Los Angeles Fame, which is trying to restore the have a ‘hit list’ of what we’d like to do.”
Zealand distillery, fi lters. The result is a smooth vodka
and online advertising; displays in
Crystal says, as well
is being heralded with Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boul-
which produces the
In one version of “Absolut L.A.,” a
free of the majority of impurities.
store windows; event marketing;
ads that proclaim,
Alas, Mr. Gallo is mum about which
as providing oppor-
spirits 42 degrees
swimming pool appears in the shape
cocktails with colorful names like the
“In an Absolut world,
tunities for “cause
cities may be on that list.
below the equator,
of the bottle. In the other version, the
The insight for the city fl avors is that
Absolut Big Breezy and the Absolut La
lights, camera, vodka.”
marketing,” which
now has four very
wording on the bottle is rearranged to
just as the “In an Absolut world” Although Mr. Crystal of Absolut Spir-
La Land; and donations to charitable
The ads show 4 bottles
would enable Absolut
interesting infusions
mimic the credits of a movie.
campaign represents “an ideal inter- its is similarly tight-lipped, he says
perched on a tower
to make donations to
including Feijoa and
amid searchlights.
pretation” of reality, says Jamie Gallo, the company has already received “a
Absolut New Orleans, the Los Angeles local organizations.
Passion Fruit and (the
The vodkas suggested by cities were
managing director at the TBWA/ lot of good responses” from visitors to
variety is priced the same as regular
That idea is echoed in
only two currently
themselves suggested by ads for Abso-
“The final factor,”
Chiat/Day New York offi ce, the new absolut.com/cities and will “be ready
This years Vodka of the year award goes to 42
varieties of Absolut, about $20 for a
a billboard above the
available in the U.S.)
lut that began running two decades
Mr Cr ystal adds,
varieties “capture the spirit or vibe of to roll out the next city next summer.”
750-milliliter bottle.
Kodak Theater, which
K iw i and Manuka
Below. Rated number 6 in the worlds top 10
ago, which paid tribute to markets
was an ability to
each city.”
sports a mock bottle of
Too late for Absolut Beijing, but per-
Honey. These may
where the brand was popular, for The fl avors with city roots are indica- create “a fl avor remi-
Absolut Los Angeles, For New Orleans, the idea was “that haps with the next Olympics could
not be your everyday
instance, in “Absolut Chicago,” wind tive of efforts by marketers to bring niscent of the city.”
20 feet high.
in an Absolut world, one spirit can produce Absolut London in 2012.
Spirit 15

Subway Duo
This was a group project completed by 3 of my class-
mates and myself. We created our own promotion for
subway which we called Subway Duo. This was a meal
which two people could share. We also made flyers,
promotional materials, posters, advertising and a gim-
ick to be given away with each purchase.
My job in the group was the packaging. I designed my
own templates and designs for the sandwich holder
that fits inside the main box (not pictured), the box to
hold everything, and the drinks holder.
Our idea was presented to a panel of judges which
they loved our ideas and our work, and were very hap-
py with the end result.

For my calendar brief I wanted to do something a little different from
most regular calendars. The result was my 3D robot. The text was cre-
ated in Illustrator and the metal panels in Photoshop. It also features a
creative barcode. I think this is a great example of my creativity and abil-
ity to think outside of the box.

9 1
0 0
0 8

This image was completely draw by scratch in Illustrator.

Falcon Beverages
Falcon Breverages is my own drinks range. The idea be-
hind the product is an alcoholic drink with only natu-
ral flavours and sweeteners. I created the logo, all the
labels, art work, barcodes, posters and the packaging.
The most difficult part was working out how the pack-
aging was going to be put together, as it is all one piece.

Falcon Packaging
Final print-ready package template, with dielines and bleed.

This page features some
various small projects of
mine. Mostly trying to im-
prove my freehand draw-
ing skills, and from them,
creating the final product
in Illustrator.