Keep Up Your Home's Appearance with Treated Timber Products

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Keep Up Your Home's Appearance with Treated Timber
Timber decking and fencing looks great when it is new, but if not properly taken care of, they can start
to look old and worn very quickly, detracting from the look of your landscaping and home. It is
important that timber be treated and sealed on a regular basis to maintain their looks. Treating the
timber also keeps it from rotting and needing to be replaced, which can be a costly and inconvenient
How Weather Effects Your Decks and Fences
Right after your timber deck or fence has been built, it should be stained and sealed to protect it from
the elements. The sun and heat can damage the timber just as much as water can, and by treating it,
you reduce the effects of the weather on the wood. The sun's heat can cause the wood on your deck to
dry out and shrink and the wood can become degraded by the sun's UV rays, causing it to gray.
Moisture, whether from rain or watering your lawn, will cause both dry rot and wet rot, which can
destroy the timber. Dry rot occurs when water gets into the wood and it loses its oils, causing the
timber to become dry and brittle. Wet rot is the effect of moisture on timber on an ongoing basis, such
as when you water your lawn and it waters down your timber as well.
Prevent Rotting
When you do water, set your sprinkler so it doesn't hit the timber, but reaches the plants you need to
keep moist. It also helps if you keep vines and weeds from growing on or against your fencing as the
vegetation and debris can retain moisture, which can get into the wood, causing it to rot. Keep your
fence line clean to prevent this from happening.

When you are ready to replace your decking or fences, try and use treated timber as it will last longer.
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