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Know More About Android App Stores in China!
September 24, 20 13

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Know More About Android App Stores
As, it is already known fact to everyone that
in China!
China is the second largest Android market in
the whole world and so having a large
Know How to Enter the Chinese
number of app stores is also obvious. There
Android Market!
are numerous number of app stores in China.
Have a Glance Over Android China Market!
Google Play, the official Android store is not
at all used by the developers and the
Merely Developing an App won't do, go for
Android App Promotion Techniques
consumers. It also lacks support for the paid
apps. So, in that case, the third party app
Know Android China market more closely
stores are must. There are many popular and
widely used app stores in China. To know
which of the major app stores have captured
the Chinese Android market, here are some of the most popular app stores which are used in
China by the developers and the customers as well.
The first one is the Baidu App Store; this app store comes from the China's leading search engine.
It is a freemium app store and is also linked prominently on the Baidu mobile front page. Another
web giant of the Android app st ore in China is Tencent App Gem. It comes in the form of an app
September 2013
and as well as a separate version of the store for Android tablets. Next comes, Wandoujia or Snap
Pea in English, it comes with an extensive app store, a mobile app store and a PC syncing app.
August 2013

App China is another very popular app store in China. It has also been trying to be more creative
July 2013
and have also revamped its website. The Games Center has also revamped and tidied to
give it a more professional look. Although, its name suggests that it majorly focuses on the games,
but it also has regular apps as well.
The Gfan is another startup app store. It has grown from just being a BBS board into a full- fledged
store. The Android China market has some more app stores in which some are full- fledged while
Android apps
others are growing and tying up with another to make their presence felt. Anz hi is one of the most
used app stores and has been pre- installed on many of the smart phones. HiAPK and N- Duo
Market are also the app stores that have a useful section totally devoted to an Android tablet app.
The Taobao App Market is recently launched by China;' biggest e- commerce site into the Android
app scene. It also runs Alibaba, which means it can actually solve the Android e- payment issues in
China. These are some of the best known and widely used app stores in China.
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Know How to Enter the Chinese Android Market!
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