Kudani Review and $5800 Bonus Replay

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Kudani Review and $5800 Bonus Replay
Content is king when it comes to web rankings - now so more than ever. However,
getting a continual flow of content hasn't always been easy. Traditionally, creating
compelling content has been a labour intensive task. Now, that is all about to change
with the launch of Kudani.
Kudani is a unique, fully featured content marketing platform that makes it easy to find
content for your website. By providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for content
curation and creation, website owners can look forward to all of the ranking and sales
benefits of increased on site content.
It does this by leveraging the power of multiple content sources and methods from
traditional RSS feeds, to social media and beyond.
To support the launch of Kudani, two of the UK's top marketers have announced a very
special webinar and review event to
show exactly how to use the system.
During the event, Simon Greenhalgh
and Steven Benn will be running a live
demonstration of the system, as well as
giving attendees more insight into how
content marketing works.
To celebrate the launch they have put
together a substantial bonus package of
live and recorded training. Covering
everything from content marketing to
SEO, offline marketing and Facebook
and valued at over $5000 - this training
alone will significantly impact online and
offline business owners.
To find out more about content
marketing and the review and bonus event go to this web address:
UK SEO expert Simon Greenhalgh commented, "Content is more important than ever -
and we feel that is critically important that every marketer and business owner with an
online presence is prepared for the new frontier of content marketing."
Traditional SEO no longer works. After numerous Google search updates - the most
famous being Penguin and Panda - it has become clear that backlinks and keywords
are no longer enough to drive traffic.
Those who have depended on ranking boosts from buying back links and repetitively
using a few keywords are no longer getting the traffic they did even a year ago.
Affected websites are also seeing their rankings drop - as Google now punishes
offending sites for using such practises.
The results of these changes have been two fold.

Firstly - content marketing has taken the place of traditional SEO. Now more than ever,
people consuming and responding to your content has become the primary driver of
rankings and traffic.
Secondly, with so many 'thin' sites losing rankings - there has emerged a huge traffic
opportunity. Put simply, all of the traffic that has been freed up is now available for
those with content.
Kudani helps website owners get traffic in a number of ways:
Keyword Explorer - Used to identify trending and hot niches.

RSS Reader - Powers research and allows auto submission and scheduling of


Scheduled Social Media Posts.
Kudani also includes many other features including extensive libraries for quotes,
statistics, titles, historical facts and more.
Thanks to Kudani - rapid content creation has become easier than ever before.
For those wishing to see Simon and Steven's video review and bonus package contents
go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8tU6bI0y2s
Simon Greenhalgh and Steven Benn are two of the UK's top marketers. They provide
comprehensive reviews for marketing tools and training for current best practise at the
following web address http://besteverbonus.com