Landscape Your Lawn or Garden with Homemade Compost

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Landscape Your Lawn or Garden with Homemade Compost

Gardeners who prefer to grow their flowers and vegetables organically like to compost in
order to have rich topsoil to naturally fertilize their gardens. Composting breaks down
organic materials to form a rich soil that your plants can leach nutrients from. Any
organic materials can be used in composting; glass clippings, food scraps and coffee
grounds are usually found in most compost piles.

While compost can be purchased wherever you find landscaping products, composting
yourself is a good way to recycle food and yard waste as well. Approximately 30% of
garbage is made up of organic materials. Instead of throwing those things in the trash to
become a waste problem, composting will turn that organic trash into a great feed for
your garden or flower beds. To start composting, you just need a container to put your
organic trash into to decompose.

You can build a compost bin out of almost anything; you just need to be able to turn the
compost as the organic ingredients to decompose. You can mark off a spot in your yard
by building a short wall with timber posts to contain the compost and leave it in the open
air. You can also buy or build a compost bin from wood or almost any other type of
container. Oxygen plays an important part in the decomposition process, so you want
something that has holes in it or drill holes in whatever you are using for a compost bin.

An old garbage can can be transformed into a compost bin by punching small holes in the
can so oxygen can move through the container. Keep the container off the ground by
either placing it on top of some bricks or wood and deposit your organic trash into the bin
along with dry material. You can shred newspaper to use as your dry material. Keep
the compost damp and turn it once a day within the container. It should be ready in
about a month. You can also build a compost bin from wood or buy one wherever you
get your Landscape Products.