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"Its Our Power, Its Our Future"
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Residential Solar Power
In this one uses the sun to heat his or
her home.

Introduction To Photovoltaic
In PV cel s -> Sun's energy is responsible for
chemical reaction -> which produces electricity
Used to create big power plant.
Direct current -> Conversion -> Alternating Current
Also solar pv instal ation is
not an easy task.

Pollution Reduction
Survey says that in the past 19 years Power
plants of 100 Megawatt have reduced/avoided 3
mil ion of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
1000 kWh of solar power saves
: 8 pounds of sulfur dioxide

4.5 kW systems's costs are around
Power costs up to $8.9 per watt.

Biomass Fuels

Solid Fuel Combustion
The combustion of biomass is better than coal
because it is clean and it eliminates waste efficiency.
Ex. Wood, vegetation etc.
This product are
Usual y burned.

Occurs natural y - Reason Bacteria
Methane, CO is released.
Synthetic grass can become
Any kind of hydrocarbon fuel.

" Quickest Growing Source of Renewable Energy "
Wind Energy

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