Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal
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Laser Hair Removal
Renew MD has earned the distinction of being rated at "Platinum" from Allergan the
manufacturer of Botox Cosmetic. Why this is important to patients is the experience
our medical team has that give our clients confidence knowing only skilled medical
professionals administer Botox at Renew MD. Learn more about Botox and other
products like Juvaderm fillers for nasal folds by contacting Renew MD and
requesting a complimentary consultation and digital skin analysis.
Options continue to grow for consumers who choose not to have Plastic Surgery.
Each year, advancements in Lasers and Radio Frequency medical devices improve
the results without the risk or costs of surgery. Baby Boomers continue to seek out
ways to stay looking young and the Aesthetic product developers have kept a steady
pace with the demands. Renew MD features the most lasers of any medical spa in
Northern Nevada. Why is this important to you? All Lasers are not the same. The
more you have the wider spectrum of treatments can be offered. Skin tone as well as
the target the Laser will be hitting is important for patient safety and the
effectiveness of the treatment. Indications treated include small to medium sized
Veins, Acne, Texture Improvement, and Removal of Sun Damage or commonly
referred to as Age Spots, Reduction of Wrinkles, Port Wine Stains, Rosacea,
Reduction of Pore Size, Skin Tightening and Reduction of Cellulite.
Few Dermatologists in Northern Nevada have made the significant investment in
L.E.D. Light systems. One reason maybe that the medical grade devices are quite
expensive. Renew MD utilizes the two most effective and popular wave lengths, Blue
LED and Red LED. Blue LED has been proven and is FDA cleared to treat Acne.
When the skin area is exposed to the Blue LED, additional oxygen is produced in the
dermis after as short of treatment time as 15 minutes. Oxygen is a natural enemy of
most types of Bacteria and in many cases this is the cause of Acne. The oxygen kills
the bacteria. Renew MD has successfully taken Acne patients off of Accutane and was
the last chance for others that were about to go on Accutane which is a drug that can
have very serious side effects. If you or someone you know has Acne issues, contact
Renew MD for a complimentary consultation. Red LED light is used for the reducing
Inflammation. It is very effective in helping Acne patients but is used after
Microdermabrasion, certain Chemical Skin Peels and even some Facials.
Laser Hair removal Reno has been around now for more than a decade. Not all
Lasers are equal in the effectiveness and any practice should have at least one Yag
Laser and one IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), system to treat the widest variety of skin
pigments. Renew MD has a trained expert staff of medical professionals with
primary and advanced education for treatment utilizing Lasers, Intense Pulsed Light,

LED and RF (Radio Frequency) systems. If you have questions about Laser Hair
Removal you may request a complimentary consultation with Renew MD.
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