Lasers for Aesthetic treatments come in all sizes

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Lasers for Aesthetic treatments come in
all sizes


Lasers for Aesthetic treatments come in all sizes

Scar revision has come a long way in the past few years. Normally it involves a
combination of treatments. These include Yag 1064 Laser, Microdermabrasion, and
possibly Chemical Skin Peels. Whether the scars are from Acne or an accident,
improvements in the scar appearance can be accomplished. Renew MD provides
complimentary consultations on the products and services relating to Custom Skin
Refinement. Call Renew MD today and learn more on the latest techniques to
minimize the appearance of Scars. Acne Scars can be quite effectively addressed.

Lasers for Aesthetic treatments come in all sizes but a few questions patients should
ask when considering a procedure includes:

1) Who will be doing my Laser procedure? It should be a Registered Nurse, Nurse
Practitioner, Physicians Assistant or Doctor.

2) Ask to see before and after pictures from their practice. It takes two things to get
the optimal results from Laser Hair removal Reno. First the experience of the
medical professional in providing Laser Treatments is very important. If they use too
little power the results will be less. Too much power to the Laser can burn the skin.

3) Ask for a rough estimate on how many sessions will be required to achieve the
results you are being told can be achieved.

4) Ask if the Laser they use is FDA approved for the treatment specific to what they
intend on providing

Although price is not always an indicator, Lasers from one manufacturer to another
that may be used for the same condition may vary in equipment cost by as much as
$50,000 to $75,000. There usually is a reason one costs more than the other. Having a

top of the line Laser with certified and experienced medical personnel can make all
the difference in the world for the results you end up with.

Body Contouring or Sculpting has changed significantly in recent years. The Gold
Standard today in Body Contouring is from the manufacturer Venus Freeze. The
treatment is painless, actually relaxing and never before has RF (Radio Frequency)
been so effective in tightening the skin and reducing Cellulite than now. It is
common to reduce a dress size after completing a Venus Freeze program. It is also
used post Liposuction to smooth out bumpy areas. The Venus Freeze can be
performed on just about any area of the body and the results are amazing. IPL Reno
provides treatments with the Venus Freeze and invites you to call and receive a
complimentary consultation.

Spider Veins and or Broken Capillaries can be very effectively removed by the 1064
Yag Laser. In Men is maybe thought of as a Red Nose when on closer inspection
often it is a series of tiny Capillaries that are broken. As people age most everyone
has a few to some having many. If most people knew how easy and affordable it is to
have them removed they would have done it years before. Learn more about
treating Spider Veins and Broken Capillaries by visiting Renew MD where you can
receive a complimentary consultation.

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