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CustomCornea(R) WaveFront(R) LASIK Technology

In the past, the LASIK procedure involved reshaping your cornea based on your prescription for
eyeglasses or contact lenses. Now, however, we are pleased to offer an alternative that will
significantly increase your chances of achieving the refractive surgery results you desire.
At the Eye Center of Dr. Richard Meister, WaveFront(R) LASIK with the WaveLight(R) ALLEGRETTO
WAVE(R) Excimer Laser System helps Sacramento-area patients achieve a much higher precision
of correction by customizing the laser vision procedure to address your specific visual errors.
Using revolutionary wavefront analysis devices to detect how light passes through your eyes, he
creates a map of your entire optical system, highlighting any imperfections that might be the
source of visual distortions. This information is then programmed into the WaveLight(R)
ALLEGRETTO WAVE(R), LADARVision(R) 4000, or VISX STAR S4TM excimer lasers, allowing Dr.
Meister to shape your cornea according to the unique wavefront map of the eye.
Because the WaveFront(R) ALLEGRETTO WAVE(R), CustomVueTM, and CustomCornea(R) LASIK
systems allows for greater precision than previous laser vision procedures, Dr. Meister is better
able to correct a wider range of visual errors, or "aberrations." LASIK has always been effective
in treating such "lower order" aberrations as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.
However, the CustomCornea(R) system permits Dr. Meister to treat "higher order" aberrations,
as well. These are the distortions that result in such annoying effects as glare, shadows, and
It is important to note that, while LASIK may well improve your vision to 20/20, these higher
order aberrations can remain unless specifically treated. Therefore, the custom wavefront
LASIK systems are the surest, safest means of achieving the best possible results from your laser
vision procedure. For more information about laser eye surgery California WaveFront(R) LASIK
surgery, contact us today!

As you can see their is several different methods of laser eye surgery; this is one of them! If you
think that eye surgery might be right for you, or are interested in obtaining more information it
is recommended to consult with your local physician and eye doctor.

Since 1984, the Meister Eye & Laser Center has been dedicated to offering only the latest, most
innovative techniques in eye care, from cataract surgery to LASIK Sacramento. Wavefront-
guided LASIK at Meister Eye & Laser Center can help you see the world through new eyes.
Those troubled by cataract can see clearly again by having cataract surgery with Restor or
Crystalens implants. Meister Eye and Laser Sacramento Center offers patients a revolutionary
refractive surgery procedure known as Custom LASIK. A true pioneer in LASIK, Dr. Richard
Meister has over two decades of experience in vision correction serving Sacramento, Roseville
and Surrounding California Areas. Visit at for unparalleled LASIK
Sacramento and Advanced Cataract Surgery.