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Exam : 9L0-505
PLE 9L0-505
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1.You want to restrict managed user Jim from using Safari in the local /Applications directory on a
managed computer to which he has access. Which of these are valid ways to accomplish this goal?
(Choose all that apply.)
A.Using the Get Info window, lock Safari on Jim's computer.
B.Using Workgroup Manager, disable Jim's ability to open applications on the local volume.
C.Using Workgroup Manager, remove Safari from the list of Jim's allowed applications.
D.Using the Get Info window for Safari, set the application's privileges to None for user Jim.
E.Using Workgroup Manager, set up Safari to require an administrator password for launching.
Correct:B C
2.Which TWO statements are true of mobile user accounts? (Choose TWO.)
A.A mobile user account works on iBook and PowerBook computers only.
B.Account information is stored both in a shared domain and locally, on the user's computer.
C.You create a mobile user by selecting "Mobile User" in the Advanced pane of Workgroup Manager.
D.A mobile user has two home folders, a local folder and a network folder, both of which Mac OS X Server
v10.3 keeps synchronized, so they contain the same set of data.
E.If not connected to a network, a mobile user logs in to his computer using the local copy of the mobile
account information. When connected to the network, however, the operating system authenticates the
user using the account information stored on a shared domain.
Correct:B E
3.What is the MAXIMUM number of computers you can import into a computer list?
4.Tim has a network user account on a Mac OS X Server v10.3 computer. The system
administrator has given Tim a disk quota of 100 MB. This quota applies only to files that are
owned by ________, and are located ________.
A.Tim; in Tim's home folder
B.any user; in Tim's home folder
C.Tim; on the partition where Tim's home folder resides
D.Tim; on the share point where Tim's home folder resides
5.What is one reason to prefer an AFP share point over an NFS share point for storing home
A.NFS volumes must be mounted manually.
B.AFP volumes are easier to search than NFS volumes.
C.AFP provides user-level authentication access security.
D.NFS share points do not support group-level Read & Write permissions.
6.You manage the Dock position for user Sarah so it appears on the left of her screen. You
manage the Dock position for the workgroup, Arts, of which Sarah is a member, so that the Dock
appears on the right side of members' screens. Where does the Dock appear when Sarah logs in
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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
as a member of the Arts workgroup?
A.left side of the screen
B.right side of the screen
C.When there is a conflict between user and workgroup preferences, the default value of the preference
is used. The default Dock position is at the bottom of the screen.
D.If you are managing the Dock position for the computer list account in which the Arts workgroup is a
member, the Dock position will be the same as the one defined for the computer list. If you are not
managing the Dock position for the computer list, the Dock appears on the right.
7.You have defined managed preferences for the Guest Computers account in Workgroup
Manager. Those preferences apply to ________.
A.computers named on the Guest Computers list, only
B.any computer from which a user connects to the server with Guest access
C.any computer that is not a member of a named computer list on the server
D.computers that are members of computer lists that have Guest access to the server
8.Which are valid methods for starting up a Mac OS X client computer from a NetBoot disk image?
(Choose all that apply.)
A.Hold down the N key when starting up the computer.
B.Hold down the Command-Option-P-R keys when starting up the computer.
C.Select a specific NetBoot disk image in the Startup Disk pane of System Preferences.
D.Choose "Start from NetBoot Disk Image" from the Login Items pane of System Preferences.
E.Hold down the Shift key when starting up, and choose a NetBoot server from the Startup Manager
screen's pop-up menu.
Correct:A C
9.The NetBoot Filters feature in Mac OS X Server v10.3 lets you ________.
A.look up the IP address of a computer, based on its host name
B.deny NetBoot access to select computers, based on their IP address
C.allow NetBoot access to select computers, based on their IP address
D.allow NetBoot access to select computers, based on their hardware address
10.Which of these computers can start up from a NetBoot image hosted by Mac OS X Server v10.3?
(Choose all that apply.)
A.Power Macintosh G3 (233 MHz, beige model)
B.Power Macintosh G3 (Blue & White)
C.iMac G3 (Tray Loading)
D.iMac (Slot Loading)
E.Power Mac G4
F.Power Mac G5
Correct:D E F G H
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