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Latest digital video recorder- AJA Ki, Data video , Sony

Electronic Bazaar Offers Latest digital video recorder. DVCAM Master Series Digital
Videocassette Editing Recorder. The DSR-2000AP offers the addition of an integrated
i.LINK(R) IEEE-1394 digital interface. This upgrade will extend i.LINK connectivity of
Sony DVCAM storage solutions, providing professional video producers who use the
DSR series compatibility with more DV I/O equipped cameras, VTRs and non-linear
editing systems.
LINK interface included as standard signal input/ouput
XLR connectors for AUDIO IN & OUT of the DSR-2000AP are reversed from
the previous version
Double-Scan Playback
Pre-read Function
4-Channel Digital Audio Editing

Technical Specifications:
LINK interface included as standard signal input/ouput
i.LINK interface includes audio unlock/lock function. When an unlocked audio signal in
a DV recording (10 micron) is input via the i.LINK connector, this new A version Master
Series VTR will automatically transform it to a locked audio signal which is defined as
the standard of the DVCAM format for frame-accurate editing.
XLR connectors for AUDIO IN & OUT of the DSR-2000AP are reversed from the
previous version
Audio In = XLR Female Audio Out = XLR Male
The DVCAM Digital Component Recording Format
The DVCAM format is the professional extension of the consumer DV format. The DSR-
2000AP employs the DVCAM format which uses 8-bit digital component recording with
5:1 compression ratio and sampling at the rate of 4:1:1 to provide high picture quality and
multi-generation performance.. In addition to its high picture quality, the DVCAM
videocassette tapes are available in two sizes: mini and standard. With the standard size
cassette, up to three hours of recording is possible.
Playback Compatibility with All DV (25 Mbps) Format
The DSR2000AP is designed to support all DV (25Mbps) format recorded tapes,
including DV tapes recorded in LP mode and DVCPRO tapes without an adapter.
Pre-Read Editing Capability
Thanks to newly developed digital processing, the DSR2000AP incorporates a preread
editing capability never before offered in a 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) VTR. This feature allows
the editor to execute a picture transition with effects between two VTRs as well as audio
mixing/audio channel swapping with frame accuracy. Moreover, when performing over
dubbing of audio, the usual delay experienced at an editing point is eliminated.
DMC (Dynamic Motion Control)
Equipped with Sony's Dynamic Motion Control Editor function, the DSR-2000AP
provides noiseless slow-motion playback within the range of -1 to +1 times normal
Functionally Designed Operating Panel

Incorporating a front panel with a built-in Jog/Shuttle dial allows two-machine editing.
Excellent Editing Performance
Quick, mechanical response time is an essential requirement for professional editing. To
achieve this, the DSR-2000AP uses a direct reel and drum monitor mechanism. The
DSR-2000AP has the industry standard RS-422A Sony 9-pin remote control interface.
This allows it to be easily integrated into conventional editing suites, thus creating a user-
friendly, professional editing environment.
Versatile Interfaces
All conventional analog interfaces for video, audio and time code are supported by the
DSR-2000AP. In addition, it has digital interfaces such as the SDI, SDTI(QSDITM),
AES/EBU, i.LINK (DV In/Out), and SDTI (MPEG Out) as standards.
4-Channel Audio Editing
The DSR-2000AP is capable of 4-Channel independent audio editing.