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Exam : HP0-D13
hnical Introduction to the
HP Enterprise Portfolio,Rev.
Version : Demo
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1.What does HP Continuous Access EVA provide?
A. highly available data
B. highly available applications
C. disaster tolerance without the need for additional hardware
D. fast processing of I/O between geographically separated sites
Answer: A
2.What are features of Data Protector Express.? (Select two.)
A. D2Any2Any automated copy
B. fast backups of mission-critical data in large enterprises
C. parallel data streams
D. libraries that are dynamically shared among multiple clients
E. upgradability to Data Protector
Answer: A,C
3.You are dividing a group of physical servers into multiple isolated virtual environments in order to reduce
the impact of application upgrades in the environment. How should you configure the servers to simplify
A. as clustered server nodes
B. as multiple virtual servers running multiple operating systems
C. as a host/guest configuration, with each guest running on a virtual imitation of the hardware layer
D. as reusable pools of resources
Answer: D
4.What is the most cost-effective way to make SAN data stores accessible to LAN resources?
A. pooling
B. partitioning
C. convergence
D. integration
Answer: C
5.Which HP Networking switch series runs on a single operating system from core to edge?
A. A
B. E
C. S
D. V
Answer: A
6.What are key reasons for WAN-related outages and degradations? (Select two.)
A. inadequate bandwidth
B. disparate communications systems
C. mis-configuration
D. high latency
E. security vulnerabilities
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Answer: A,D
7.Which HP product provides server administrators with the simplest, most flexible way to connect
servers and virtual machines to any LAN or SAN?
A. SAN Virtualization Services Platform
B. P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance Software
C. Integrity Virtual Machine Manager
D. Virtual Connect FlexFabric Module
Answer: D
8.Which enterprise goals have the greatest IT business value? (Select two.)
A. reduce time to market
B. improve customer service
C. reduce reliance on service-level agreements
D. enhance partner relationships
E. improve access to information
Answer: A,E
9.You are acting as a consultant to an enterprise customer. With which corporate representative should
you discuss IT/business alignment goals?
A. chief executive officer
B. board chairman
C. chief operations officer
D. procurement manager
Answer: C
10.What do HP Care Pack services provide that warranty services do not? (Select two.)
A. parts and labor coverage
B. software support
C. protection against downtime
D. hardware protection against manufacturer defect
E. best-effort response for replacement of defective components
Answer: B,C
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