LawInContext Competition & Antitrust Law Training 2010

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  1. T imely Global Comprehensive Cost-Effective “ Highly commended ” by the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers 2007 in the client service category Online Legal Information & Training From Baker & McKenzie
  2. Our Approach to Learning
    • A fun, memorable and compelling programs
    • Self-paced, multi-media approach
    • Interactive exercises and quizzes engage users and reinforce learning
  3. Content Covered in our Competition & Antitrust Module
    • Cartels and Dealing with Competitors *
    • Overview of competition law
    • Cartels & restrictive agreements
    • Price fixing, customer sharing
    • Trade Association meetings, practical tips
    • Final Quiz
    • Distributors, Market Power & Investigations *
    • Dealing with customers
    • Regulation of substantial market power
    • Pointers for drafting documents & communication
    • Investigations
    • Final Quiz
    * LawInContext Pte recommend that users spend a MINIMUM of 90 minutes to complete each module. You are able to save any progress you make and then log back in at a later stage; so you do not need to complete the module in one session.
    • As part of our initiative to develop the 360° Global Compliance Training Project, LawInContext is seeking a limited number of “Founding Clients” who will receive access to the suite of new training programs under a compelling pricing model in exchange for their involvement and input in the development of the content. In this manner, LawInContext receives valuable user feedback in the development of the training program, and the Founding Clients receive access to a highly relevant and useful suite of compliance training programs, which is not only tailored to their needs, but offered at an extremely cost-effective price.
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