Lawsuits Filed In Opposition to Yasmin

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Lawsuits In Opposition to Yasmin
Manufactured and marketed by Bayer healthcare Pharmeceuticals, Yasmin is a birth control
which provides a folic acid dietary supplement. The medication functions to prevent pregnancy
by stopping ovulation, modifying the cervical mucus, or changing the liner of the uterus, which
makes it less open to an embryo.
Drospirenone-based medications respond against many male hormones and Yasmin is said to
perform just like a contraceptive device. Sad to say, drospirenone possesses the potential to
cause complications given it could boost potassium levels in the blood, which could be a
predicament for some women.
Bayer profited about 2 million dollars a year from the deadly birth control pill. Once when Yasmin
was the most popular birth control pill sold in the U.S. With false advertising and lies the
company marketed Yasmin in a deceptive way for years, ultimately the FDA averted it from
selling the drugs.
Right after the administration learned of two recent scientific studies indicating the hormone
drospirenone is tied to an elevated blood clot risk, they called for a safety review of oral
contraceptives just like Yasmin. The statement emerged just days subsequent to when the
European Medicines Agency formally determined that drospirenone had been associated with a
two to three times larger potential for venous thromboembolism when compared with third
generation, levonorgestrel-containing contraceptives. As reported by the FDA, the aim of the
ongoing assessment is to completely assess the dangers and advantages of drospirenone-
based drugs.
At least 50 fatalities have actually been claimed since 2004 in people taking these oral
contraceptives which have drospirinone. No one is reasonably totally sure as to the quantity of
young ladies who may have had complications because of it. Before commencing a treatment of
Yasmin, the FDA suggests consulting a doctor. It is advised that medical professionals mindfully
look over the possible threats and benefits associated with Yasmin or any other drospirenine-
containing contraceptives ahead of encouraging their patients to use them.
In April of 2012, Bayer stated that they're going to pay around $110 million to settle just about
500 lawsuits over assertions that its Yasmin pregnancy prevention products bring about blood
clots. Company officials supposedly decided to pay up an average of about $220,000 a case to
settle the complaints, individuals acquainted with the deals said. After having a federal judge in
the state of illinois postponed a trial January 9th accusing Bayer of deceiving people concerning
the potential health hazards with its birth control methods to facilitate mediation, a settlement
deal was agreed upon. In accordance with the company, it had wrapped up roughly 70 cases
regarding Yasmin contraceptive products ahead of the latest arrangement.
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