Learn R Programming

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If you are aspiring to become a Data Scientist, then
you must Learn R Programming!

R is one of the most demanded scripting
language developed by and for

Here are some key reasons why one should Learn

R is a Free, Open Source Language
R is freely available. So anyone can download R from the internet
and start working on it. Even one can even modify the code and add
your own innovations to it since its open source language.

R is Cross-Platform Compatible
It is possible to run R on several operating systems and varied
Software/Hardware. as it is cross-platform compatible

Most Advanced Statistical Programming
R is one of the most advanced statistical programming language used
world-wide today. R programmers can work on large complex objects

Outstanding Graphical Outputs
The graphs generated with R are high in quality. R is a fully
programmable graphical language with outstanding features.

R is Extremely Comprehensive
R can work on objects of infinite size and intricacy with ease. R
performs a wide variety of functions, such as data manipulation,
classical statistical tests, statistical modelling and graphical techniques,
classification, clustering, and so on.

If you are eager to accelerate your career in the field of Business
Analytics, then start learning R analytics programming
and excel in your career.