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Buddhist Meditations
Monday, 2 September 2013
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Learn the Proper Way to do The Buddhist
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Learn the Proper Way to do The
Buddhist Meditation...
Everyone in this world has some or the other problem and so needs a solution to get
rid out of it. But most of them are unable to find a solution which can give them
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solace and hence, they all suffer from the pains and other bad circumstances of life.
But there is something which can reduce your suffering or you can say that you will
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feel relaxed. Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce your tension and relax even
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if you are facing hardships and challenges in life. It can be practiced by anyone of any
age be it a child, an adult or older people. The simplest form of meditation involves
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attending to one's breath.
While doing the simplest form of meditation, one needs to sit in a simple chair, keep
the back erect if it is possible. There are traditional postures as well which were used
by people in the early times. Such postures were known as lotus posture that requires
sitting on a pillow with each foot upon the opposite thigh. This is a little difficult for
many people. Some people kneel, sitting back on their legs or on a pillow between the
legs. Many use a meditation bench: kneel and then place a little bench beneath your
behind. But do you know that meditation can also be done while standing, slowly
walking, lying on the floor or even in a recliner. The Buddhist meditation is also done
to let people feel their consciousness outside and deep inside the body as well. In the
traditional way, the hands are placed loosely, palms up, one on top of the other and
with the thumbs lightly touching. This posture is referred as a cosmic mudra. While
meditating, the head should be upright but not rigid. The eyes may be closed or
focused on a spot on the ground a couple of feel ahead of you or looking down at your
hands. If you feel like sleeping then you can keep your eyes open.
The people who are the beginners of meditation are often asked to count their breath
on the exhale up to ten. Then you can start again from number one. If you are
having problem while continuing, just start from one again. Remember than your
breath should be slow and regular and you should not artificially control your breath.
Y ou should breathe normally and also count while breathing. May be in the starting,
you may forget to count as you will be busy focusing on following your breaths.
Concentrate on it while inhaling and exhaling. Y ou must be fully aware of the entire
process if breathing, but most of the people only focus on the one aspect. The two
aspects are the sensation of coolness followed by warmth at the nostrils, or the rise
and fall of the diaphragm. Most of the experienced meditators also suggest imagining
that the air is entering and exiting from the two small holes. If you are anytime
feeling sleepy then start focusing even more such as at the nostrils. Gradually, you
will find that yourself distracted by sounds around you and thoughts within you. This
is how you can take the most out of it from the much effective Buddhist meditation.
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