Learning More About Surrogacy

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Learning More About Surrogacy


t's ironic how there are couples who are not ready to have kids yet they already
have a lot. Meanwhile there are those who have been preparing and hoping for a
I kid for a very long time and yet they can't have one.
It's a good thing that there are now a lot of ways for them to have children. For instance,
there are now surrogacy programs where the couple can have their own kid with the
help of a third party.
Many react to it negatively because they are uncertain of it. But if you get to understand
everything, you'll realize how helpful it is to a lot of people.
Here are a few things you should understand about surrogacy:
What is surrogacy?
It is a procedure where a couple who wants to have a child but can't have one
undergoes a program. This program is where medical procedures are done in order for
them to have the child with the help of a third party who is usually a surrogate mother.
It is commonly used for couples where the reproduction problem comes from the
woman. The surrogate parents are the ones who are being implanted with the child and
they allow the baby to grow in their bodies and deliver it for the parents. The surrogate
usually gets compensated for this.
How does surrogacy work?
There are usually three parties involved. The first one is the couple without kids. The
second party is the surrogate parent. But the common practice is that there is a
surrogacy agency which serves as a middleman in the transaction. Basically, it is the
agency which takes charge of the whole process.

Passing through an agency is safer for both parties. If
you need to learn more about how surrogacy works,
you can visit a surrogacy clinic near you.
What is the procedure?
What surrogates have to do is to sign up for the
program in the agency. Initial tests might be made in order to check if you're qualified to
become a surrogate. Then al they have to do is wait for a couple.
For childless couples, they also have to sign up with the agency. After which, you
already get to start the program. The couple and the surrogate have to be prepped up.
When everything is set all they have to do is implant the fertilized egg to the surrogate
and allow it to grow until its full term.