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Dear sir,
I plan to make an international career and spending a semester abroad in the second year is for me
an opportunity I can not miss. I find a professional interest of course but also a personal
interest in discovering another culture and different working and learning methods. Besides, I
expressed my interest early on to Mr. Rouvrais, as delegate of the class A1 and personally, and I
also attended the first conference on departures abroad.
I chose England because of the quality of the Staffordshire University on the one hand, and the
quality of the language on the other hand. Indeed, I am particularly conscious of the importance
of mastering English and I plan to improve my English (my score at the TOEIC test is 850). It's a
key point in my career plan. At last, I have good memories of holidays in England and I would go
back there with pleasure !
The Staffordshire University seems to be a perfect place to study computer science in England. the
information I got about this university gave me already a very good picture of it its age, its
good level in Computing and the International Student Community.
What's more, its famous Octagon has one of the largest computer equipement in England.
I also got some precise information about the quality of the courses and the environement by
interviewing students who studied in the Staffordshire University this year !
The feedback I have received were all very positive and this is what ultimately confirmed me that
Staffordshire University was the best place to study computer science abroad.
Yours faithfully,
Aurélien Legrand.