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Lexus Repair: Luxury Auto Repair & Maintenance Tips

By: Stephen Haddad

Now that you have purchased your dream car, the next important step is to ensure that it is well
maintained for top performance. Here are a few luxury auto repair and maintenance tips:

Choose a Certified Lexus Mechanic

When you need your luxury vehicle repaired, it is highly recommended that you take your
vehicle into an auto service center that specializes in repairing Lexus vehicles. Try to avoid small
independently owned auto shops because they may not have an experienced Lexus mechanic
available. Whenever you need major car repairs, choosing a mechanic that's reliable and
competent is extremely important.

Also, many independent auto shops will use OEM parts instead of genuine parts. Genuine parts
are the highest quality parts available on the market. They are more durable than OEM parts.
These independent shops will also use OEM parts instead of genuine parts sold by dealerships.
Genuine auto parts are the highest quality parts available on the market. They are more
durable than standard OEM parts.

Another benefit of using a Lexus service center like LexService is that if your vehicle requires
overnight work, we will loan you a vehicle until your vehicle has been repaired.

Finding a Reputable Car Dealership Service Center

Major Japanese car dealerships like Infiniti, Toyota and Lexus have auto service centers on the
premise. They sell vehicles in high volume and it's more affordable for them to have their
service center on the property. A dealer service center will have access to the original
manufacturer parts. Then you have service centers like LexService. At our service center, we
only use original factory parts for Lexus, Infiniti, Toyota and other makes and models.

Avoid the DIY Car Wash

This is not really auto repair tip but it will help preserve the beauty of your vehicle. When you
get your car washed by a professional, it will not only help preserve the appearance of your car,
you're also saving water. According to experts, people who wash their cars from home use 5 to

20 times more water than a professional car wash. Plus, when you wash your car on your own,
you're more likely to scratch the paint.

Replace Your Windshield Blades.

Lexus manufactures recommend replacing your blades regularly. The general rule is to replace
them every three months. Always keep a spare set in your car.
Drive Carefully. It is easy to become distracted, especially when you're driving a newer car.
When you drive, make sure you avoid all distractions. Keep your eyes on the road and focus.
Avoid texting or dialing phone numbers. Studies have shown that distractions are a major cause
of car crashes.

Get regular tune-ups. This can't be stressed enough. Whether you have a new or used Lexus, it
is important that you get regular tune-ups. This will ensure that your car performs well and it
will help your car to last longer.

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