License4J Serial Number Manager

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Serial Number Manager GUI User Guide
version 3.0

Copyright (c) 2011-2012 LICENSE4J

LICENSE4J Serial Number Manager GUI User Guide
Table of Contents

1 Getting Started ----------------------------------------------------------------------------3
2 Key Pair Management ------------------------------------------------------------------3
3 Generating Single Serial Number--------------------------------------------------5
4 Generating Bulk Serial Numbers ---------------------------------------------------8
5 Editing Serial Numbers-----------------------------------------------------------------8
6 Copying Serial Numbers ---------------------------------------------------------------9
7 Exporting Serial Number Files----------------------------------------------------- 10
8 Exporting Serial Numbers to a CSV File -------------------------------------- 10
9 LICENSE4J License--------------------------------------------------------------------- 11
10 Support ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11


LICENSE4J Serial Number Manager GUI User Guide
1 Getting Started
License Serial Number Manager GUI tool generates and manages all
your serial numbers. LICENSE4J uses Elliptic Curve algorithm to
generate serial numbers because it is the algorithm that generates
minimum length signatures. Still length of generated serial numbers is
55 characters, but they are cryptographically safe.

Java 1.7 is required to generate and validate serial numbers.

2 Key Pair Management
Key pairs are managed from "Display Keys" menu item in "Key Pair"
menu. Key pair window as you see below have buttons and pop-menu
to manage key pairs.

LICENSE4J Serial Number Manager GUI User Guide

With "Create New KeyPair" button you can create key pairs with
predefined algorithms. Elliptic Curve algorithm and 112 bit key size is
the only option, so selection combo box fields are disabled.

For license validation you have to define your public key as a string
variable in your software. "View Code" button (or double click on a key
pair) displays your public key with Java code to directly copy-paste to
your software.

LICENSE4J Serial Number Manager GUI User Guide

3 Generating Single Serial Number
"Generate New Serial Number" menu item in "Serial Number" menu is
used to generate a serial number.

Serial number generation window appears as you see below.

Fields with red text color are used in serial number validation if filled
in. All other fields can be used for your internal records and not
included in any way in generated license.


LICENSE4J Serial Number Manager GUI User Guide

You can generate serial number for a specific customer by filling in
"Name for Verification" and "Company for Verification" fields, so classic
license validation screen can be made in your product like below.


LICENSE4J Serial Number Manager GUI User Guide
If you don't fill in name and company fields, you can have a serial
number like Microsoft's ones, and have a license validation screen like

"Internal String" can be used for some internal validation methods. For
example, you can use always the same key pair for serial number
generation, but supply an internal string for your product version 1.0
like "1.0" and supply an another internal string for product version 2.0
like "2.0", thus the serial number for version 1.0 does not work in
version 2.0 (you have to use these internal strings in validateSerialNumber

Separator character is a "-" sign by default. You can use another
separator character. But it should be not different than these

Hardware ID can be used for node-locked serial number generation.
Hardware ID values can be obtained with Hardware ID Viewer
application delivered with LICENSE4J package or within your product
which is using HardwareID class.


LICENSE4J Serial Number Manager GUI User Guide
4 Generating Bulk Serial Numbers
License Serial Number Manager GUI supports bulk generation of serial
numbers. "Bulk Generate Serial Numbers" menu item in "Serial
Number" menu brings the screen below.

Again product information fields are for your internal records.

Maximum of 1000 serial numbers can be generated at a time with a
specified separator character.

5 Editing Serial Numbers
Since generated serial numbers are dependent on name, company,
internal string, key pair, separator character and hardware id fields, it
is not allowed to modify these values.


LICENSE4J Serial Number Manager GUI User Guide

6 Copying Serial Numbers
Generated serial numbers can be copied to clipboard with "Copy Serial
Number(s)" menu item. This action copies serial numbers and
generation name, company and hardware id fields if available.


LICENSE4J Serial Number Manager GUI User Guide

7 Exporting Serial Number Files
License Serial Number Manager keeps each generated serial number in
a different file with all its features. If you want to save these files to
another directory (e.g. for backup purpose), you can export to a
directory just like exporting license files.

8 Exporting Serial Numbers to a CSV File
License Serial Number Manager supports export serial numbers to a
CSV file with tab separated values. You can select desired serial
numbers and select "Export Serials to CVS File" menu item in "Serial
Number" menu or pop-up menu.

If selected serial numbers have name, company, hardware id features
set, they also will exported because serial number validation depends
on those features.


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