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For Self Improvement
Change Your Life for the Better with these Self Improvement Rules from Mom
The constant whimpering and wallowing in pity were common to me. This is something I am not very
proud to say. Life was a continuous ordeal that engulfed my very being.However, it was my mother that
helped me in overcoming these negative feelings with some of her golden rules that helped me change
my life.
Theself helprules, as I call it, made me realize that life is worth living and there isn't a moment to be
wasted, for you live only once. Before, I dwell deeper on this subjectlet me tell you that I am a better
and a happy person only because of my dedicated attitude that helped me through. For all those friends
that need some guidance with helping one's self, let me give you `my mother's special `tips to change
your lives for good.
Positive thinking is the key to self improvement.Being a pessimist is as good as being a vegetable. Yes, it
is your inner drive that keeps you going forward in life. The more positive thoughts you have, the better
things will be for you. Positive thinkers always have zeal to work hard and keep up a brave front when
dealing with negative thoughts.
Have discipline.Discipline can make you a well-maintained person. You'll be okay both mentally
andphysically. Being an army officer's child, it was quite natural for me to imbibe some discipline from
my parents, however, being the only child, made me more of a rebel and a negative one at that. But
with my mother's constant lecturing about the ethos of disciplined living, I, slowly and steadily, changed
my outlook. Peoplewho are pessimists must make an effort tochange their outlook. Time management
helps a lot in this regard. Setting a schedule for your daily activities enables one to achieve your goals on
time and with satisfaction.
Meditation and yoga.Yoga, since time immemorial, has been helpful in overcoming negative feelings. It
is a great tool for improving one's self. Doingpranayama and various asana can really benefit thosewith
behavioral problems. The one thing that has contributed significantly to my development is yoga and
meditation. One can do these yogic exercises to bring positive energy into their lives. The Art of Living
course, one that I successfully completed, helped me change my outlook in life. Meditation helps to
clear the negative aura that surrounds you, thereby, covering you with a sense of calm and
Exercise works wonders. People always say that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.It is a
dominant factor that will help change your life. From being a shy and rebellious child, I transformed into
a self-motivated and confident person, due in part by sweating it out in all possible ways. Indulging in
sports or exercise will make you feel good. It can get rid of the stress in your life. Being healthy also
means looking and feeling good. This can also make others appreciate you more because you look great.

The problem is most people who needto improve themselveswill not pay head to these tips. It is in
everyone's interest to spend some time and think about these because these are golden nuggets that
can change their lives for the better. If you want to become a better person and have a better life, then
follow these tips. There's nothing to lose. Besides, these come from a mother, and, everyone knows that
moms only want what's best for their children. If you're on the road to self improvement, then this is a
very good place to start.