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Linda Nolan: "I had a £6k facelift to fight my sadness"
at Harley Street Skin Clinic London
Singer Linda Nolan, 58, opens up to Closer about going under the knife, coping with crippling depression, and her battle to overcome
She’s endured her share of heartache over the past decade,
losing both her husband Brian Hudson and her mother in 2007,
her sister Bernie Nolan to breast cancer in 2013, and even
battling the illness herself. But for the first time in years, Linda
Nolan finally has a smile on her face.
Last month, the star underwent a £6k facelift at the Harley Street
Skin Clinic to remove the “sadness” from her features – and she
says the results have not only transformed her self-esteem, but
her outlook on life, too.
Linda, 58, exclusively tells Closer: “It’s been a hard 10 years since Brian died. I turned a corner last year and came to terms with
everything, but when I looked in the mirror I still saw misery in my face. I looked drained and old how I felt on the inside didn’t
match the person looking back at me.”
Linda who rose to fame in the ’70s as part of pop group The Nolans
alongside sister and Loose Women presenter Coleen, 51 had a
lower facelift, laser surgery around her eyes and a skin peel.
And the results have given her a new lease of life. She says: “I
smoked for 22 years and I had deep lines around my lips, but they’ve
disappeared. I no longer have neck jowls and the transformation
side-on is amazing. My skin is glowing for the first time in ages too.”
Linda had her treatment at
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