Lindy Hop Bands - 5 Easy Steps To Booking…

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Lindy Hop Bands - 5 Easy Steps to Booking...

Want more energy and pizzazz for your big day? Hiring a Lindy Hop Band is definitely a perfect idea to
add life to your party. The up tempo and lively music is sure to inspire your guests to try their swing
moves on the floor. Lindy Hop Bands are ideal to play at many types of functions and special events such
as weddings, dances, conventions, parties, and corporate events.

Lindy Hop is said to have originated from the famous newspaper headline in 1927 that read: "Lindy Hops
The Atlantic". This refers to Charles Lindbergh's successful first non-stop transatlantic flight from New
York to Paris. During this time, a new exciting dancing style and music was emerging that was simply
called "Lindy's Hop" as a joke or tribute to Lindbergh's great achievement. The name stuck and went on
to earn a place in the history of music and entertainment.

5 Easy Steps to Book Lindy Hop Bands

To aid you in finding the band that's perfect for your special event, just follow these steps below:

Do your homework. Get a list of Lindy Hop Bands in your area and listen to their audio samples, or
watch a video of their performance. If possible, watch them perform live in an event. You may also want
to consider hiring a booking agent to facilitate the process of hiring a band.

Check references. Ask them for references you can contact. If they have a website, go to their
testimonial page and read about what their past clients are saying about them. This will give you some
idea of what to expect from the band.

If you like the band, book them early. Booking a truly topnotch Lindy Hop Band, based on experience,
can be difficult to get. They are highly in demand in various functions. If you're lucky and you like what
you see of the band during your search, book them as early as possible. The ideal time period to book a
band is between 3 to 6 months. This allows you and them to prepare a list of songs to be played on the

Have a contract. This is SOP among professional bands for hire. A contract will make everything formal,
legal, and binding. It also serves as security and protection of your financial investment, as well as the
band's best interest. The contract typically consists of event details, payment terms, production details,
cancellation terms, technical requirements, finish time, and refund policy.

Follow up. If you have a booking agent, this will be her (or his) job. But if you are planning to hire a band
on your own, follow up is very important. Tell them about the flow of the program or if they have
practiced and finalized the selection of songs including those tunes you have requested.

These are some of the crucial steps to take when considering booking Lindy Hop Bands for your special
occasion. Start searching for the right band today!
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